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The word image is an unbound morpheme, not a bound morpheme, because it is a word by itself. In any language,a morpheme is a unit of meaning. A word is an unbound morpheme because it is a unit of meaning when it stands alone, not bound to anything else. Image is a morpheme in "imagination," but, because image is a word in itself, image is an unbound morpheme, rather than a bound morpheme.
Thanks to Charles Cairns in comments, I have some example of bound morphemes.
Any prefix or suffix that is not a word in itself is a bound morpheme. That would include terms like infra (used in infrastructure and infrared, but not a word in itself). Also suffixes, like -s and -es to make a word plural. I asked Charles for some word roots that were bound morphemes, and he suggested pant- as in pants and scissor- as in scissors.
Original example, questioned by linguist Charles Cairns in comments.
In contrast, in English, -struct- is a bound morpheme. It is not a word in itself. Yet it can be a suffix, as in instruct, or a prefix, as in structure. Or it can be a root, as in destructive. A unit of meaning that is not a word in itself, but is any or all of these: prefix, suffix, infix, or root is a bound morpheme.
Charles challenged this because most or all the words that contain -struct- are from the Latin, so it may be that it is a Latin root, but, as new words are not developing in English, not a bound morpheme in English. As he is the expert, I bow to his knowledge. At the same time, I wonder about words like reconstruction, deconstruction, and infrastructure. As I suspect some of these words were created in English, one might make a case for -struct- being a bound morpheme with more and more prefixes and suffixes being added on.
For more, see Bound and unbound morphemes - Wikipedia.

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An energy pyramid, AKA ecological pyramid, is a visual way of showing the biomass or bio-productivity at each trophic level in an ecosystem. Basically what they do is, they show how much biomass is typically present at each trophic level. A screenshot of one such pyramid is attached.

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The earth's atmosphere is made of mostly nitrogen which is about 78%.

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Fixya maths 4 indices

Indices n surds

Hai again your support helps me alot can you please differentiate for me between the following -6to the power 2 and -6 to the power 2,& 2 to the power -3 + 1/3 to the power-2
I need a clarity how to convert these exponents to fractions
Posted by Ncwana Noziphiwo on Apr 03, 2018


-62 means a number multiplied by itself twice
So in this case it is -6 x -6 = 36 - since -x- = +
If this was -6-2 the negative power means it's a fractional indice so first make it look like a fraction
1/-62 now it looks like a fraction (inverse) and the power mow looks like a normal square
Coz its still a negative number -6 x -6 = 36
So the answer is now 1/36

So when it is a minus power, first turn it into a fraction, then calculate as normal
Note: every number has a sign, it is either + or minus.
By convention, we always assume it is a plus unless stated otherwise.
To make sure u remember this fact put a plus sign in front of every number if no sign is showing
You can start with buses the 27 bus is +27
Its like if u say u have a car, what u really mean is you have 1 car. But u drop the 1 coz everyone takes for granted u meant 1 car, 1 house, 1 friend etc
Every power we assume its + unless otherwise stated.
So when a minus is put in front of the power, its saying make it a fraction first!
Maths is a game and games have rules.
This rule is a minus in front of power (indice) change to fraction form first!
So if it is 2-3 - the power -3 is saying turn it into a fraction first so
1/23 = 1/ 2x2x2 = 1/8
If it had of been 23 notice how no signs shown because we take for granted they r all +
Let's show them
+2+3 since it's a plus 3 we don't need to change it to a fraction and since it is a plus 2
We have +2 x + 2 x +2 and a +x+ x+ = +
2x2x2 = 8
Its easier to just do 23 = multiply the 2 by itself 3 times
2x2x2 = 8
When doing fractions of any type I prefer showing them as being more obviously top/bottom

Format and for that free hand is easier as typing is hard...lol
Numerator Denominator
When using a number that's a fraction it is better tro enclose it in brackets
As every indice is of the form - numberpower
The number can just as easily be a fractional number like a 1/3
So (1/3)2 is a third multiplied by itself
1/3 x 1/3 = 1x1/3x3 = 1/9
If it was (1/3)-2 then first u must get rid of the minus power by turning it into a fraction
1/1/3 x 1/3
And 1 divided by a ninth =
1 to be cont - tired..lol

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5x + 7 = 45
5x = 45 -7
5x = 38
X = 38/5 = 7 3/5 or in decimal
X = 7.6
Or this could be a straight line equation of y = mx + c
Were y = 45 m = 5 = gradient of 5. Through the point of origin c = 7 at x =0
Question not specific enough
What topic are you doing?

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it does not show choices - whats 2314?
so not certain if i'm right.
give choices and if i'm correct i will explain it.
is it written correctly as bracket has no p value so can be calculated without expanding out bracket.

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Depends. If you are a big company with a lot of relative economic power, you may be able to get away with this. For example, if you are the size of Walmart, and your suppliers ask you to pay you in 90 days (more typical in Europe than North America) and you pay your suppliers in 257 days, you have done well for your cash flow. However, when you need some help from your supplier, it may not be there. Also, the supplier may just decide not to deal with you anymore. We had a very large customer that did this to the company I was working for and my recommendation was for them to pay us sooner or drop the client, as we were losing money on every transaction because of their delay in paying us.

Good luck,


Homework | Answered on Apr 05, 2018

I interpreted the question as:

(x-2)/(4-x) + 2/3 = (x-2)/12 or

(x-2) 2 (x-2)
------ + --- = -----
(4-x) 3 12

Now to find a common denominator.

I factor all the terms and see what is common, so it can be eliminated to leave the lowest common denominator.

(4 - x) - prime - cannot be factored

3 - prime - cannot be factored

12 - 4 x 3

What is common in the above? The 3, so we can eliminate one 3.

Common denominator - (4 -x) (3)(4)

So, we must multiply the numerator and denominator of the first term by 12 (3 x 4).

The next term's numerator and denominator must be multiplied by 4(4-x).

The term on the right of the equals sign must have the numerator and denominator multiplied by (4-x).

Good luck.

If you need more assistance, post again.


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Check with your school or university.

FIXYA volunteers are not a school or university.

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91.125 base on a 8 x8xx8 block.1block is equal to 512 cubic inches. 1 yard is 36 x3 x36 = 46656 cubic inches. 46656/512 = 91.125

Homework | Answered on Mar 31, 2018

Make and model of motorcycle will get you an answer.

Homework | Answered on Mar 31, 2018

Kick the ball in the direction of the goal posts.

Homework | Answered on Mar 31, 2018

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