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Hard to find the data The tool is having an centrifugal switch to an breakercontact on the armature on the startup-winding where the capacitor is on , so it should be oft a high capacitance try it to start with 20 mf is maybe high enough to start. you can possible go to less with the capacitance . size compare of the capacity range is difficult because the last years the size differs much and are less

Bench Grinders | Answered on Apr 19, 2017

Hold (or lock) the grinding wheel on the other side if loose or lock because the locking direction is the same direction and don,t forget to ringing (sound-check -like a tuning fork) the stone if you replace it with a new one The risk is small but safety first

Delta Grinders | Answered on Apr 19, 2017

The dresser wheel is applied strait onto the grinding wheel when you get ridges & valleys on the front of the grinding wheel to make it straight again.

Grinders | Answered on Mar 15, 2017

A Drill what has no torque can have bad bearings but i think the drill Brand AND model = X X but it is very often an Li-ion battery tool that is only a 2 or maybe 3 years old but the armatures inside them most of them are coming made by the brand JOHNSON (not Makita) a very nice and very powerfull but also an cheap part and that armatures are far much cheaper then the most people are thinking that the batteries have not enough capacity thats an expensive methode thinking and thats in the most cases wrong sometimes .but 20 on 80 % its the battery sometimes if the tool is too long lasting and working with a bad armature then the batteries will be damaged very soon, if batteries are in short time empty and tool has no power ...
If you think You have an Li ION Battery tool , like Milwaukee or Panasonic AND very IMPORTANT to know is if the tool is making a terrible piercing sound you can take the test you should see you can only buy a new carbon brushholder if the brushes where worn,.... but if you use the tool daily a 3 or 4 weeks long the brushes are having the same length again and its very bad for the most expensive parts of all .. the li-ion batteries that you maybe have bought and much people (the most ) are thinking that the batteries are having a bad capacity but that is not true ,An anchor and replaceable brush holder is much cheaper and are most (new) only selled in a combination together new Panasonic drawings and the tool sounds again real smooth and 2 or 3 years later then you can maybe again use your batteries for in use in a BRUSHLESS powertool. where only a switch internally should be cleaned with solvent or contact spray and with white grease relubricated .
Much people think its a problem with the new brushless tools ,but i find out that i have 3 milwaukee brushless tools cleaned the switch and the batteryconnector and have checked the thickness of the contacts, because if the contacts are bad , its not easy to get separate new parts for this brushless models a separate connector for the batteries is not deliverable by the brushless tools by Milwaukee. only in Australie and also and even worser are the contacts on the Dewalt brushless tools have sometimes in a very early time bad contacts even holes on it on the battery + and - connectors on the brushless powertools. strange but often occurs it has also so much power that its like a welding tool between the contacts in the connectors you not can see, and the tools are to little for the jobs where the most people it for used, (the problem is the heat dissipation because of the power and the extent of the modern tools they are often abused , there where better tools can used with a powercord but they have for the torque look alike less power and are for the modern people to heavy to work with.

Grinders | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

Or the armature in the motor has a problem its melting in the fieldmagnetcoils or one or both of the ballbearings are jammed.

Dayton Grinders | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

If this happens just after bought a new tool, Then there is a problem with a start capacitor, or the auxiliary winding from the motor , or just only a loose slide contact if there was a induction motor used, If such a thing happens go back to the dealer for warranty if you in doubt about control if its an easy to fix problem by yourself if nothing was broken.

Grinders | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

A suppression capacitor has 2 wires and can be have red and black wire pair, and a motor have 2 wires from the electric field to the carbonbrushes and 2 other wires from the magnetfield goes to the switch and on the same wires can be connected a parallell suppresion capacitor connected bud in most cases its not needed in practice.
The other 2 wires have to come from the powercable on the switch the most grinders to find in shops are class 2 angle grinders with double insulation, But If this is an bench grinder there must be a class 1 cable used with 3 wires to earthing a metal point on the housing. look always for the 2 square symbol its class 2 and cable has 2 wires otherwise 3 .

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Grinders | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

THE ELECTRONIC assembly must constantly get power .
2 THINGS CAN HAPPENS 1 The powercable has an broken wire is the most likely problem or if there is an electronic modul with an rpm-magnet disk( need for speedcontrol ) on the end of the armature after the bearing has a can melting by jam bad bearing and the motor house can be damaged magnetdisk melting with the house
The electronic modul on itself has a problem in last option.

Control all the collectors in the commutator if they all balanced together in resist even the 2 stator magnetfieldcoils must be are balanced in resist measure

Grinders | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

  • there is also an
  • centrifugal circuit inside one- side of the motor electricfield (not in the spare parts to see or order) that could have a problem but first measure the capacitor
  • There are no brushes used its an induction motor. with start capacitor and an centrifugal switch. that was when you give a swing to the grinder the capacitor you needed has an 8 or 10 microfarrad 250 volt AC to start i think but be shure the start centrifugal is in good order and the capacitor together.
  • Delta 23 660 Type 1 Grinder Parts

Delta Grinders | Answered on Mar 06, 2017

Not neccesary to use , but 0.1 uf 300- 400 v to use but some model grinders have a third leadwire to the metal part on the electric field of the motor, special type suppression-capacitor.
In most cases its not neccesary to use one anymore because of
repeated complaint like some Bosch models have.

Grinders | Answered on Mar 06, 2017

2 wires are not needed to use they are the wires of an supression capacitor on the switch then there are 2 wires from your power cable and 2 that goes to your motor that 4 you only you have to use you can also connect the 2 wires from the s-capacitor with te wires on the motor together thats is how its also correct, (but best is to remove it because its only for suppression for FM ukw radio signals and everybody has DAB+ and the change to have short-circuit is reduced.

Bench Grinders | Answered on Mar 06, 2017

The brand is the most important thing in this question if its an old tool then sometimes only the ball ball bearing can be damaged by the big grinders but in moast cases the little Chinese tools are builded with lightweight metal soft gears that are lubricated with amblygon or renolit grease and sometimes its easy to get spare parts, but depends on the brand and its models budget line or professional.
Sometimes there are cone wheel crown wheel sets to get for not much money , and sometimes if there is no separate cone on the armature made for replace then its made for only buying an other tool it useless to repair it.

Grinders | Answered on Mar 06, 2017

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