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If you're looking for that silver bullet that explains why your brisket isn't as good as Franklin's, you won't find it here. The truth is, there is no silver bullet. You want to believe that it's some magic ingredient, temperature, or other trivial element that makes his brisket so good and if you only knew that 1 secret, yours would be just as good. It's not that easy. It's a process. In all seriousness, he does let you in on the secret behind his great food, but it's not an easy shortcut. He had a passion, he tinkered, he produced some really bad BBQ but persevered, he paid attention to the details, tweaked some to experiment, found out what worked and what didn't and then, over time, became an expert with a well-developed sense of intuition. The truth is that formula has worked for hundreds of people, great writers, radio hosts, businessmen, programmers and other professionals uses that exact same set of steps to become masters, read their biographies and listen to their interviews, it's the same story. It's hard work, it's not because Aaron uses pickle juice blessed by a New Orleans witch doctor during an eclipse as an injection precisely 14.373581 hours before it goes on the grill. It's because he's got years of practice, years of paying attention to the details, learning what matters and what doesn't, and then persevering through the failures those experiments yielded.
Franklin Barbecue Meat Smoking Manifesto Hardcover April 7 2015

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If you hear and smell gas but a match won't light the burners, the gas is escaping before it gets to the burners. Follow the gas from its source until you find it's leaking out. Don't use matches to try to fine it. soapy water can work. Escaping gas will blow bubbles.

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Between 170'c & 180'c for them all, hope this helps....

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dirt dust., cobwebs. where it was stored ,

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Do you get an error messsage that looks like LEr? If a Traeger can't reach 125 for ten consecutive minutes, it will automatically shut down. Try starting at a highter temperature than "Smoke" if it's cold outside.

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I use to love the science classes and bunsen burners. I used to love blowing and bending glass tubes. They still have them?

Have a look at the link and the video

how to handle bunsen burner Google Search

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try the manufacturer's website .

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my first thought is a bad heating element, but on thinking more it may be a bad controller. The unit is running the element at max. till the breaker says no more! Hot cord is not good!
Is very hard to diagnose via the net. Might want to try a electrician? to get it narrowed down.
sorry, but i'd not use it till it gets resolved.

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Did you put the reg in the right way round .

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Contact the manufacture

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Yes it is . if the flame is coming out of the burner you have light back blocked burner or spilt burner .

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You can check the time of cooking on this article about pork loin recipes, each recipe has a certain amount of pork loin and according time of cooking:
An Irresistible Collection of Pork Loin Recipes 15 Minute Kitchen

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The Traeger has no thermostat, it works by approximating how often the auger needs to push pellets into the fire box. If the temperature is within 20 degrees, Traeger considers that within range. If you live somewhere with extreme weather, this could affect your Traeger's performance. If it's cold outside, set the Traeger to a higher temp (or get one of their insulating blankets). If it's hot, set the Traeger lower. I hope this helps.

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The thermometer may have to be replaced.

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i would check the gas tubes for spider webs

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check the website. i know you can get colemans from theirs

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the regulator could have gone into lock up.
try this to unlock it...
  1. Open the BBQ Lid
  2. Turn ALL main control knobs to the "OFF"/CLOSED position
  3. Turn the Propane tank valve to the "OFF"/CLOSED position
  4. Disconnect the Regulator hose from the Propane tank
  5. Turn ALL main control knobs to the "ON"/OPEN position
  6. Let stand for 1-2 minutes, allowing all excess gas in valves and manifold to dissipate
  7. Turn ALL control knob back to the "OFF"/CLOSED position
  8. Reconnect the regulator hose to the Propane tank- hand tighten only.
  9. Check all hose connections to ensure that a positive seal has been made
  10. SLOWLY turn "ON"/OPEN the propane gas supply
  11. Wait approximately 5 seconds for the regulator pressure to stabilize
  12. Turn "ON"/OPEN the selected burner control knob to "HI"
  13. Press the Multi Spark ignition button or match light selected burner.
  14. Hope this helps you has me in the past!

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As long as there is a strong spark the electrode should be fine. You many want to be sure there are no cracks in the ceramic tube. If not.. then the electrodes need to be adjusted either closer to the burner hole or away. You most likely just need to adjust the electrode.

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