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Don't roast anything directly from the freezer. The most likely result is burning the exterior while the interior likely doesn't cook at all. Always thaw the meat before roasting; this goes for any meat. Once the meat is thawed it will cook evenly.

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Take it back to whomever you bought it from and ask for an exchange.

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My recommendation would be to do an internet search for them. Google, Bing, or whatever you use. Somewhere the instructions are available online, either from the manufacturer or elsewhere.

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Low Flame coming out the the burners

Here are a list of reason why you may have a low flame coming out of your burner.

1. Is your tank filled with gas (have to add this as sometimes we do not realize). Place your tank on a household scale and weigh your tank. Look at the collar of the tank and stayed on the collar is a weight of the tank. Subtract the weight from the household scale from the weight of the tan and that is how many lbs left in the tank. A full tank will have approx 17-18 lbs of gas.

2. You could have a spider or other insect in your burner. Having a venturi tube cleaner is a must have accessory to effectively rid the burner tubes of any insects (or even debris).

3. Your regulator could be bad. Try replacing your regulator.

4. The office on the end of your valve could be clogged. Be sure grill and gas are off AND the grill is cool. Remove the cooking grates, heat plates and burners. At the end of the valve is a threaded orifice. Unscrew the orifice and be sure that there is no grease clogging the hole. If there is you will need a really thin drill bit to clean or if you have an air blower.

5. Your OPD valve may have "checked." This is a safety measure that stops the flow of gas to a very minimal amount. In order to reset the gas line you need to turn all your grill knobs to the off position. Shut off the gas. Remove the regulator off the tank. Open the grill knobs. Allow any remaining gas to bleed out of the line. Leave the knobs open for a minute or two. Turn your grill knobs off. Reconnect the regulator to the tank. Crack the LP tank valve and slowly open the valve allowing the gas line to pressurize. Try restarting your grill.

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Buy a pet food bowel metal one small in size , and but some pipe strapping and 4 buts and bolts . With the this you should be able to make a frame and hang the bowel form it to make your grease cup.

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Fix ya don't replace parts . Take it back to where you purchased it . And ask for a replacement or the parts .

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ask some one to check the thermostat. it needs replacement.

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take the top metal cap off and give it a good rub down, also were the ignitor is give this a good clean any brown color around the ignitor clean it off. also some times you may need more gas so turn up a bit more if this works then the valve is dirty and i cannot recommend you to clean this as if you do it wrong its dangerous.

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check with local places that sell grills

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look in Walmart , Canadian tire . Lowes, Home Depot they all do covers .

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Not here go back to the shop you purchased it from and ask them , take some pictures to show them .

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Home Depot , lowe's Canadian tire, Or any other hardware store.

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Nothing to do with grilling,

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Here you will find the solution to your problem Best Play Kitchens

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They should just pull off. They may seat tight and may need some wd40 to lubricate them.

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Not sure what the question is here. Red meat is certainly grillable, if that is the question. How to tell if it is done to your liking depends on what you are grilling. More detail/specifics would be helpful!

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FAKE NEWS- you've been tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and fooled!

First of all, the U.S. FDA (Food and **** Administration) does not regulate meat and poultry; it's the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that regulates beef, poultry, and processed egg products. You can read about federal food safety information at this site: Home FoodSafety gov

... and to answer your question, This is false!

FALSE Rat Meat Sold as Chicken Wings Before Super Bowl

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