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Rain passes through the atmosphere before falling to the ground. So it can pick up any contaminant present in the atmosphere.

It's not a great idea to drink rain water falling near chemical plants or near the plumes of power plants, paper mills, etc. Don't drink rainwater that has run off of plants or buildings because you could pick up toxic chemicals from these surfaces. Similarly, don't collect rainwater from puddles or into dirty containers.


Green Living | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

Never dispose near the river, it effect nature...Do one thing collect and paint your any wooden structures.for roof.... the best way to protect wood from ant and insects.Try and reply.
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Yes there are ways...Dig a square hole with 2sq.m in size.Place a 4" pipe in the center of this hole with with 2M, and make holes in the pipe with 10mm drill bit. Remove all mud and fill this hole with natural stones and other building materials in it Cover the entire area with sand...
Use this method in all home. it will be very neat for enviournment.
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Yes depending on the wattage of the heater and tv. If your tv is led type and consumes 350 watts, then you can use a heater with in 3650 watts(<3.5kw).

Green Living | Answered on May 12, 2018

Electric toaster is an electric device without electronics. But some toasters are now available with digital circuits. But those circuits will not consume current more than 1watt. There is also a fact that an electric circuit can draw current by induction. But the effect is very very low here. Therefore it is not going to be big problem in your electricity bill even if forget to unplug.

Green Living | Answered on May 12, 2018

According to me, Paper is better than plastics because papers are more ecofriendly than plastics but in some cases, plastics are more useful than paper.
Paper is better because they are biodegradable and can be decomposed and recycle easily Whereas plastics has its own important uses but the main disadvantage of plastic is that they are non biodegradable and cannot be decomposed by the microorganisms.
But this problem can be removed if we will recycle and reuse these plastic materials properly and don't throw in soil and water bodies. Throwing them can cause extreme harm to plants, animals and also our environment.


Green Living | Answered on Apr 19, 2018

The beat renewable energy sources are those sources of energy which can be renewed easily and which is eco-friendly in nature.
Some of the best sources of renewable energy are:
1. Solar energy: The most efficient renewable energy source. The sun rays are absorbed by the solar cells on the solar panel and later it is used as electricity.
2. Wind energy: Used in turbines to make them run and generate electricity.
3. Water energy: Water has been used in hydroelectric plants to produce electricity.
4. Nuclear energy: Nuclear fission is the main source of energy today. The energy generated by this fission is used to produce electricity.


Green Living | Answered on Apr 06, 2018

Yes, of course, girls should eat as much they want and what ever they want to eat as they also have a body and different types of mechanisms in their body which require various types of nutrients and minerals to work properly.
And also food helps to grow and maintain the body healthy. Food is the essential need of the body to be alive.


Green Living | Answered on Mar 08, 2018

This depends on where you live and Local Regulations... But yes it is possible to run a House from a Generator...
I have a generator on Standby for Electricity Outages... I am on Oxygen full time so Need my Electricity to remain ON all the time... You probably need to get a special Lead to go from the generator to somewhere that will supply it to the House.... I have my Generator hooked in Permanently by an Electrician

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

If you hook it up correctly and the Voltages match... yes.

As for how long... THAT depends on a number of Factors... How much sun, What quality is the Solar Panel, Placement of the Panel.. the goes on and on... But you CAN charge a Battery...I charged a Battery for quite some time using a Large Solar array.... We were Camping an using the Battery for Lights Radio and Fridges.... So it CAN be done

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

At this moment NO....

But I think the Tyre Companies are working on this

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

Steam or electric are probably cheapest TO RUN... But most expensive to buy.... Butane would probably be next... It is actually a Mixture of Butane, Methane and a few others... In Australia it is the same as we use for the BBQ..... This would probably be next.... but unless the car is Factory converted,... then you will probably need some Petrol/Gasoline just to start .. You use maybe 2 or 3 Cupfuls each time so you don't use Much... It is also a Good backup if you run out of LPG....... The rest... it depends on th e Government and Fuel Companies which one is cheapest but what it SHOULD be id From cheapest up... Diesel, Unleaded, Premium Unleaded
Forget the rest... They would be cheap to run but the conversion would be so expensive it would be not worth the effort

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

Energy density says with diesel at 35.8 megajoules per liter and gasoline at 34.2, you should go a bit further with diesel.
Energy density Wikipedia
Diesel, esp. from petro sources, tends to create more hydrocarbon pollutants and particulates per distance traveled, esp on short hops where the engine doesn't warm up to it's higher efficiency range. Diesels like running on long trips.

Diesel engines tend to be noisier. Diesel could have issues with fuel gelling in very cold weather if it has insufficient winter additives, and sometimes even that isn't enough for a frigid weather startup..

Gasoline is more refined than diesel and likely has a bigger production environmental footprint than diesel, although diesel has a bigger combustion environmental footprint. Biodiesel can be better depending on its source.

Usually you do not have the choice of diesel vs. gasoline for the same model of car, so there will be other factors to consider besides fuel type. Best wishes shopping for your next vehicle.

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

Bio Diesel is Great... It can be made from Many Organic Products INCLUDING used Cooking Oils. I had a Hilux Diesel I ran on it for a while.
To get an Accurate number of Vehicles running on ONLY Used Cooking Oil is impossible due to the Fact that there is no way of Knowing how many get oil and put it into the fuel tank right away... after being Filtered.
I know 2 People who collect used Cooking Oils and Filter it three or 4 times before putting it into the Fuel Tank... Thus there is no way to be able to add these people to the list
You could probably get rough Figures... not sure where....
I assume this is for some type of exam or similar??? Sorry I can't give a better answer but as you see by what I did answer... It is Impossible to be accurate

Green Living | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

Hello -

It may depend upon where you reside. In some locations, electric power companies have boosted their rates for those with solar power panels.

This web page may prove informative:

Without knowing where in the world you reside, it is difficult to provide you with specific information.

Green Living | Answered on Jan 06, 2018

To learn electric work - you can go to a vocational training institute.

Green Living | Answered on Jan 02, 2018

coal is a fossil energy source, like oil and gas - all these are considered nonrenewable - well it does takes a couple of million years to form these whereas a tree grows within a couple of years.

Green Living | Answered on Nov 20, 2017

HP is just mechanical energy KW is electrical energy (mechanical and other) both are valid - conversion is .747 so yes car has total 960HP of which 160 is electric by a 120Kw motor ...

Green Living | Answered on Sep 11, 2017

Renewable source energy is needed as an alternative source for various non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels.
Some of the basic need of a renewable source of energy are:
1. Very little or low global warming emission.
2. Improves public health as well as environmental quality.
3. More reliable energy providing system.
4. Jobs and other economic benefits.
5. Vast and inexhaustible energy supply.


Green Living | Answered on May 24, 2017

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