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In my opinion, the use of fossil fuel sources of energy will decrease in the near future. Meanwhile, other forms of clean energy will be cheaper and more available, like: solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

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To survive without electricity -

1. You can invest in a supply of freeze-dried foods. We keep a small container for emergency use (15 days for 4 people). I've been told that Mormons keep a year's supply of food on hand.

2. We live in an old house and can open the windows a few inches from the top and bottom to keep the air circulating. Insulated drapes on the windows on the sunny side of the house. Since we live in a modern era, there are some good quality battery operated fans available, check a boating supply or outdoor store.

3. Our home has several fireplaces which have been converted to gas logs. A down comforter on the bed is a godsend. Fleece sweats, down booties, wool socks, and a hat for the body. Down or fleece throws on the couch to wrap up in the evening. Open the drapes during the day to let the sun warm up the house & close them in the evening.

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The sun and the wind will both be our major source of energy in the future. The sun is always there and the turbines will be needed to supply energy to homes in the winter time. we will see only electric cars on the roads and the airline industry will have to figure out something cause planes do not fly on solar power.

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Yes. They should eat all the things.

Green Living | Answered on Mar 21, 2017 has the nutritional information of most foods, including sugar. I hope this helps.

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personally it sounds more like a statement than a name. it's a no from me.

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I think Trump has little to fear other than all the folks that think they could do a better job than him, so why don't they throw their hat in the ring & go for President?
Answer, they are scared.

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I would say, in my personal (albeit, unprofessional) opinion, that you handled it well, in that you tried to remain calm. That is a good instinct to have in such a situation that you would otherwise want to panic or act poorly. There's honestly not a lot you can do most of the time.

If issues like this are ongoing for you, and give you any major trouble in day-to-day life, you may want to seek professional help or look for support groups in your area or online. There's nothing wrong with looking for help with a problem you have, no matter what kind.

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No. We all can't be versed on every aspect of our world but some parts are important to keep us from falling into poor investments and scams. There are several laws of thermodynamics, essentially how energy works in our world and are a fundamental part of our understanding of physics.

One of those laws suggests that energy like arithmetic will not change unless something operates to change the numbers. The energy that is put into a system (2 + 2) is always going to equal the energy that goes out of a system (4) So just as 2 + 2 is not going to suddenly equal 5 or 6 the energy we put into our system is not somehow going to create more energy. The best we can hope for is to create a system that will somehow gather more energy from another source like solar panels. In this case it is like saying 2 + 2 + 1 equals something more.

In your suggestion you want to add hydrogen to a generator and then use the resulting electricity to produce hydrogen by splitting water and then use that hydrogen to run the engine. But you are leaving out some of the elements. The engine is probably no more than about 25% efficient. That means that 75% of the energy in the hydrogen fuel you use is used to create heat and is lost to friction. So far your equation then looks like 2 + 2 - 3 . The generator also loses some energy to friction. Add to this it takes more energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen than we recover when hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce some excess energy. So in every step along the way we are losing our desired goal to losses in energy like heat and friction.

But even if the system were somehow perfect it could not be any more perfect than to lose no energy. You will not be creating new new energy with such a system. Even if we could get it to run forever the system is not going to give us new energy we could use for something else as every bit would be used to run the system. This is why we say that efficiency can never be greater than 1 or 100%. And we can not have "over unity" or "perpetual motion" machines.

If we want "free energy" what we could do is make solar panels. And then use those solar panels to gather additional energy from a source outside the system and then produce hydrogen from solar energy. What we can't do is use a solar panel to produce electricity for a light that shines on the solar panel as once again this would be a closed system with no energy flowing into the system.

When it comes to energy systems look for the source of the energy. If it is supposed to be coming from inside the system perpetually then it is likely a scam. If there is an outside source it may be useful depending upon the economics and how much energy we get relative to our energy investment.

Green Living | Answered on Jan 04, 2017

Plastic poses several environmental risks, including leaching chemicals and toxins into surrounding ecosystems, threatening the health of local animal populations and releasing greenhouse gases into the air. The negative effects of plastic vary depending on the type of plastic in the environment, quantity and length of exposure time. Plastics contain compounds, such as PVC and BPA, elements deemed a health risk to humans and animals while the leaching of these compounds into air and waterways poses a health and safety risk for nearby organisms.

Green Living | Answered on Jan 04, 2017

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