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On the very bottom of the disposal there is a small opening in the very middle of the disposal. If you shine a light under the sink and put a mirror down on the inside of the cabinet you should be able to see this. You'll need an Allen wrench to put in the 6 sided hex hole and turn counter clockwise until the disposal turns freely. This should unjam your disposal. Don't forget you may have to hit the small reset button on the bottom too.

Garbage... | Answered on Apr 15, 2017

Replace disposal because parts are not available and gasket is broken?


In-Sink-Erator... | Answered on Apr 14, 2017

If you buy a similar model from the same manufacturer, you can leave the sink fittings in place. Unplug the power and disconnect the waste pipe. Undo the bayonet fitting securing the waste disposal unit to the sink fitting. Fit new unit to sink fitting, reconnect waste pipe and power. Run the unit with plenty of water to check for leaks. Job done.

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Drink beer and then recycle glass bottle or aluminum can
Then research recycling route for all recycled and non-recycled waste products

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How about creating a compost barrel? Pretty easy, there is a site called family handyman that has a pretty straightforward plan for one. But, if you can't be bothered to do that, just google to quickly find a list of items that CAN'T go into a garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals that are installed correctly have a traditional 110/120v plugged into an outlet installed under the sink that you can easily disconnect. If it's wired directly into the house wiring, you'll need to determine which breaker in your service panel to turn off so that you don't get mildly electrocuted or chop off a hand or something. Most disposals have a small hex-shaped allen bolt hole underneath that you find an allen wrench to put in and work the disposal back and forth by hand, that should free up whatever clogs are inside. Make sure you leave some sort of screen or stopper in the drain to stop silverware or random things from falling in that shouldn't fall in like tea bags, ends of onions, tomato stems, nut shells, things that may not "shred" easily. If you need to ultimately replace it, (which is rare and unlikely), you will need to ask a neighbor or someone handy to figure it out, because not to sound like a chauvinist, but most women technically CAN do most things men can, they just don't WANT to, or can be bothered to learn or whatever else, that's why guys fix stuff and women typically don't. Anyway, good luck, I'm sure it's just a little clogged with some junk that your hands can reach in and take back out, I REALLY wouldn't worry about it being broken, I'm pretty sure it's not.

Garbage... | Answered on Mar 21, 2017

You have a defective switch or perhaps the wiring in the switch box is shorted across the switch contacts. Before you try to fix it be sure the power is off on the circuit that feeds the switch.

Garbage... | Answered on Dec 08, 2016

Any hardware store has these.

Garbage... | Answered on Nov 21, 2016

Melody, check fuse/breaker,could be clogged/jammed, motor maybe defective.

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If this is similar to the WasteMaid, the trip is also fused. I have just repaired one where the fuse wire inside the trip had blown. As I was unable to source a replacement trip, I have soldered in some 5A fuse wire.

I suspect that someone held the trip in while the unit was jammed.

Salvajor 300 3... | Answered on Aug 03, 2016

There is a bracket and the pipe should be flared on the end. There is also a gasket

Garbage... | Answered on Jul 25, 2016

There should be a screw hole in the very middle of the bottom. It should be a 1/4" or 5/16 hex shaped hole for an Allen wrench.

Insert the wrench into the hole and then move it back and forth Until it spins easily.

Whatever is causing the drum to lock up should be extracted from inside before you run it again.

Be safe when you've got your hand in there.

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