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Where did you buy it from? That would be who you need to contact about returning it.

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clothes would be good for a start
what suits you would be an added advantage

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The biggest difference is of theme. The bridal dress designer has limited, while a fashion designer can work with a series of garments and accessories. They also have to evolve with the emerging trends. Another difference is that a fashion designer designs all kinds of 'fashion', while a dress designer works on 'apparels'. is the one stop shop for all kinds of premium formals and bridal dresses. For queries, orders and appointments, click here. Want to stay updated about hot trends and top style diaries? Visit our blog for top wedding, skincare, beauty and wellness tips, suggestions or recommendations.

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Knot is the place if you want to create a wedding website

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fixya would have no idea what you ordered or from where

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We are Fashionme, one of the leading online fashion stores, presenting to you high-quality clothes and fashionable accessories!With thousands of styles and new arrivals every day, all just one click away, save time, shop online and receive your fashion clothes directly at your door! We are proud to say we can deliver to 160 countries around the world.So we've got you covered!

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* Ouch, It's one of those questions; "If you have to ask? Then....."
* I've been around the world and one thing I've found is that you can't trust anyone. Especially those shops around (in my case) military installations.
* Best to check out the "High End" stores and talk to the sales people. Have them show you what is good and why it's good.
* Use your eyes and feel the materials. Is the seams good and not falling apart? You know, basic stuff. If it looks bad then it probably is.
* Be able to tell fake from real (leather), Know quality.
* Be able to tell between different animal skins.
* Is this a gift? Does the other person want animal skin or is synthetic a better choice?
* If your still going to buy the "side vendor, Off the truck sale" Then at least know what your looking at. (I bought Reebock and Nike shoes only to find they were rejects..2nds.) Lots of fakes.
* Even buying from a store. You still have to check if it's a real store and not a similar sounding store. If your in a "Coach" store, don't expect to find "Channel" in the same store as they are competitors. If it's a mixed brand store then is the merchandise 2nd hand or rejected stock?
* Like buying wine, you need to sample and learn the differences in taste, or in this case; materials, craftsmanship, Style, and fitting (does it make you feel good?)
* At least take someone with some knowledge AND owns a lot of leather name brand goods.
Aloha, ukeboy57

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There are hundreds of marketplaces which offers women clothing at reasonable price. But according to my experience Online Shopping Site Mirraw offers women dresses at lowest price with good quality material. Also they offer worldwide delivery with fast shipping. Checkout their site to compare the prices and other details.

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if you comply then there is never a problem

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There are many online shopping stores where you can buy men's clothes. I always prefer to buy clothes for my husband from Here all the latest collection of men's clothes are available at a reliable price and the material is also good.


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Hi dear,
I think a teacher's dress can not be too s exy and need to be more formal feel.So the bodycon dress and maxi dress are totally out of choice.And I strongly recommand you can try some shift dress or long skirts.You can visit this brand to see if there are clothing and jewelry that fits your style.

Fashionme Online Store---One of the leading online fashion stores, presenting to you high-quality clothes and fashionable accessories!


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There are many fabrics come under wedding gown, but I like to prefer only Satin and Chiffon fabric. Both the fabrics are very good for a wedding gown. If you want best fabric, texture, colors, and materials. Then I know one best online site where you can get the best collection of the wedding gown. They also have blue bridal shoes and gowns. You can also try this blue gown, you will be looking awesome after wearing a blue gown.


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Wedding is one of the special day in any bride's life. She wants to look stylish, beautiful and elegant on that day. And so dressing plays an important role in enhancing their personality. Number of online stores are there where you can get stylish, trendy and affordable fabrics for your wedding gown. Even many people buy tulle fabric online which provides them good quality fabric at a reasonable price. So, whatever site or store you choose make sure you select the most reliable one.

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Zega Apparel: Defining Custom Clothing Manufacturers

At Zega Apparel we never lose track of our origins, as it defines our very journey and who we were and where we are headed towards in the future. So today we would like to visit our roots and bring forth with it a new zeal that can lead us on the road to greater accomplishments and milestones.
Perhaps what resonated more with the title of our post today, is none other than the phrase first used in 1902, made to order, which literally translates to some commodity that is made specifically as per a person's demand and wishes. However, over the years, as it happens with all things that face the test of time, this phrase and its counterparts became muggy and the distinction for its particular use was lost. At Zega Apparel we never lose track of our origins, as it defines our very journey and who we were and where we are headed towards in the future. So today we would like to visit our roots and bring forth with it a new zeal that can lead us on the road to greater accomplishments and milestones. Let's take a look at how we would like to define ourselves and others who presume themselves to be worthy of being called as one of the best custom clothing manufacturers at present times.
Diversity Personified
For any product to be customized, it depends greatly on the ability of the service provider of how they are able to manage a diverse workflow and its management. Customization isn't an easy to attain attribute and we find many businesses in today's world finding themselves to have become stagnant due to the restrictions they have placed on their own operations. These self-imposed limitations regarding the undertakings of a new project bring them to a halt, like invisible chains that deter them from achieving their true potential. Clothing is a line of business where diversity of products can become the driving factor behind the freedom your setup needs to stay fresh and alive over time.
Innovation Becomes Inevitable
For any business to succeed nowadays, innovation and technology pave the way to not only aiding them to survive and staying relevant, but it also keeps them moving forward while enduring the test of time. Thus, at Zega Apparel we keep on testing our methodologies and stick with the recognized and do away with redundancies. However, what really keeps us moving are the newfound ways of improving our operations and delivering the impeccable for our customers' delight and updating our own track record for delivering the impossible. We have observed that what really crushes out the competition is the will to thrive, and whoever delivers on an unyielding resolve, becomes the gamechanger within the industry. So far, our team has shown a never back down spirit and we readily accept challenges head-on without compromising the quality of our work.
Creative Arts as the Centerfold
There is no doubt that prosperity of a clothing line manufacturing establishment, heavily implies on creativity and the ability to materialize thought processes into the real world. Though it sounds much simpler when we say it, it is indeed easier said than done. Even though imagination has no bounds, it is the reality check every business must go through when they find their resources limited to deliver an order. Hence for this sole reason, Zega Apparel defines its task force by taking an edge over creativity and seeking favorable options whenever a challenging order arises. It is our fuel for excitement, and our dedicated and committed team works tirelessly towards meeting deadlines. Our appeal towards creativity pushes us to go out of the box at times, in fact, several times, to surprise our customers with a WOW effect that other simply cannot deliver.
Though there are many out there who label themselves as a highly customized service provider, we at Zega Apparel know what truly matters and that is to meet customer demands at full so that we can truly deliver a product that is made to order.

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Last year only I got married so I can suggest you transportation service. Actually, I booked Toronto Limousines for my wedding and I am very satisfied with ther services. They have offered me quality treatment. They took me and my bride to the church from given destination with style comfort. They are very punctual about time.

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Net Saree

Net sarees are the most fashionable clothes today and will always be. They are suitable for particular goals, be it wedding receptions, family gatherings or other events. They are designed with sophisticated and beautiful embroidery as well as embellishments like laces. For all those who want to boost their curves and edges in a saree, must go for net sarees. Buy net sarees online, from the broadest range at Net sarees have been worn famously by women all over the country and has been a perennial favorite of women of all ages. Net sarees have been a rage these days among young girls due to its sophisticated allure and poise and can be well met with by doing online shopping of net sarees here at During weddings and festivals, women want to wear something that brings out their beauty and want to look best and here net sarees serve as the best choice. The Indian net sarees look very stylish and beautiful and give a modern appearance as its beauty is magnified by the embroidery, stone or print work. So now every woman can have a dazzling and elegant look by shopping online for net sarees from our exclusive designer collection. So now onwards should be your only stop for designer net sarees as we provide you a full assortment of colors patterns, sizes, and designs.

At, we take pleasure in presenting you a vast collection of net sarees in the varied palette. Just pamper yourself with our all-new collection of designer net sarees. Each piece of these sheer delights is unique in its way. There is a large variety of patterns and designs to make a final selection. The fact that a net saree comes as comfortable wear in summer, makes it a must-have for any diva's clothes. Net sarees are one of the very evergreen items in the fashion world. Be it wedding, engagement, Mehendi or a small family event; net sarees look suitable on almost all occasion. What you only have to do is to pick the right color and work type as per the event, and you will be sorted. As far as net sarees are concerned, there is no shortage of options regarding colors. If you're looking for net sarees highlighting a particular kind of work like embroidery, banarasi, border work, etc., then can be the perfect destination. Here you can shop net sarees by work type with quite an ease.

Net fabric is the most loved and spoken fabric in Bollywood industry. Its pure beauty is something which is enjoyed by every belle of the town, and its lightweight texture owes a great to the urban women mass. The net fabric has its individual appealing and versatility to give an unparallel distinction to any attire. Though delicate and tender, the net material can be worn almost throughout the season and proffer a sense of class and glamour to the wearer. Taking Indian culture and events from a third person's view, especially women love to wear and pack net sarees and designer lehengas. These fantastic online net sarees are the craze of Indian women as they offer sheer glance to cover up the curves protecting her elegance and sassiness both at the same time. Net-based transparent blouses are becoming quite popular mainly because of the trendy look they add to any saree. Net blouses with sheer sleeves and back can be a good pick for a variety of parties and occasions. There is a wide range of variations in these blouse designs, and you can quickly pick one according to your choice. Here is the ultimate collection of exclusive blouse designs with clear back and sleeves for you to make the pick.
When it comes to popular saree blouse choices, we are those spoiled brats. The options are many, and it is hard to point one. However, the one seemingly sought out style, we must say, is a Net blouse. The thin fabric has an aura to make your saree look forward instantly. All those, who want to achieve that dressed up saree style without much of a complaint, need to drape a plain saree with a suitable net blouse. And we bet you can give a hard fight to any fashionista. Net blouses have that thing within. Besides, the beautiful net cloth, which seems to have gripped the fascination of blouse-loving-world, can be styled in plenty of ways. The net sarees have been for the very long time. Typically, a net is made by looping, knotting, or fusing yarns at a place where they intersect. These leaves spaces between the threads used. Because of these spaces, the net fabric acquires the characteristics of being light and gauzy. We have different types of net materials, and they are bobbinet, tulle, fishnet, and filet net. Using net fabric to make sarees has come a very long way indeed. Its use is varied as it can make elements of a garment rather than the full clothing, it can be used to create a section of the Saree, can be used to develop aspects of the garment like the hems, neckline, and sleeves, or it can be layered over a sturdy fabric.

Sometimes it is not layered over a sturdy material so that its sheerness can be highlighted. Whatever the use may be, the net material takes the Saree to a whole new level. As we work with net fabric to make netted sarees, we ensure that the beauty and the sheerness of the net are highlighted. The leading spirit of an embroidered saree lies in its embroidery. The way colors are being mixed with stones and threads, and they bring out a design that gives the life to the piece of cloth is a piece of art.

A little bit of sparkle adds a touch of glamour. Glittering stonework is done on cotton sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga choli play an integral part in accentuating the beauty of traditional Indian outfits. Stonework sarees are a big hit and are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. A stonework saree is perfect attire for celebratory dressing and party wear attire. You can search through our extensive collection of saree stonework designs from this collection, available at our online fashion store. Buy stone work sarees online from our collection of designer sarees and party wear sarees to jazz up your cocktail hour look.

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Many online stores are available in the market for Jackets.But i like to tell you where you can buy a Customized printed T shirts that also in very low prices
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Customized Mobile Covers Phone Cases Smart Watch Designer Watches

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