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Thanks everyone for your patience on this. We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been affected by this issue and have been working hard to find a fix. We are preparing to roll out an update tomorrow, July 16th to solve the problem.

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I had that happen with my Beelink GT1 Ultimate box. I got stuck in restricted mode for 4 days and couldn't figure a way to get out. I finally found a thread online where a bunch of people ran into the same problem with different boxes and someone posted a little video on how to fix it with a factory reset. First thing I had to do was pull the power source out of the box. Then taking a paperclip I had to push in and hold the reset button down. While still holding the reset button down I plugged the power source back into the back of the box and waiting for the little android dude to pop up on the screen with all the options. You can't just hold the reset button in when stuck in the restricted profile because it won't do anything. You have to unplug the power source, then hold the rest button in while plugging the power source back in and waiting for the Android guy to pop up. I had to do this a couple times to get it right but it worked.

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Yes, you should try to use proxy or VPN, Which will make you able to do whatever you want to do. The easiest way to use a proxy is via opera mini browser. You can visit

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Modern-day casinos have moved on from the classic maze design to the much more sensible playground design. The new design gives the guests a sense of entitlement and joy to be here; these casinos state that the happier a customer feels, the more he is willing to invest and play. By ensuring that different gaming sections are strategically placed instead of trying to confuse the guests, casinos are getting the most out of customers. Casinos previously functioned on the notion of transactional business that is designed to trap the customer within the walls of the casino. But now casinos are designing places that provide an incredible luxury experience. The playground design is said to create an environment where people are happy to play more and bet more; at the end of the day isn't that what all casinos want? want to know more about casinos then refer this excellent resource: Mason Jones Profile edocr

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This blog provided you the download link for android apps like play store. maybe there are an application on there to fix this problems.

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sadly not knowing what you have makes a fix really hard to give you

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How to move apps to an sd card.

Move Apps to SD Card Using Application Manager
  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Select an app you want to move to the microSD card.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Tap Change if it's there. If you don't see the Change option, the app cannot be moved. ...
  5. Tap Move.
  6. Navigate to settings on your phone. ...
  7. Tap Storage.
  8. Select your SD card.
More items...

on Jun 15, 2018 | Android Apps

In the U.S. they say Seamless and Grubhub among many others
Here is a link to a good list!

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Ye, You can download here

Android Apps | 315 views | 0 helpful votes - Get Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Cheats for free here! This website has the thing you are looking for!

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So luck to come across your excellent blog run 3

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Lost email that's not a big problem contact us our Tool-Free Number +1-844-205-04712. Because we provides right solution for you.

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How to ask about stuff on Fixya

How to get the right answers each time.

Add photos of what you are talking about.
Include every detail of what is happening or what info you are needing.
give a model name.
tell us everything you have tried.

on Mar 08, 2018 | Fixya

Looks fine. Clear your Internet Cache and Cookies. Reboot and try again.

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Easy ways to make your laptop battery last longer

Energy management has plagued laptop computing since its inception, but thanks to the most powerful batteries, newer processors and smarter software, it's getting better all the time.
You can help me too. Below are a few tips to get more of your laptop.
See your Apps
The battery will last much longer if you use the laptop for basic low-power activities, such as word processing, Internet browsing, and email, which for system-hungry applications like online games and video play.
In other words, if you're on a long flight (without an AC plug near you) and you need to get some work done, you might want to put out that Fortnite or Netflix binge game until after you use your calculation adores for the job - or it might not be And a lot of energy left
Disable the radios, disconnect the accessories
Unless you need Wi-Fi or other wireless radio, such as Bluetooth (for a mouse), go into airplane mode, which will turn off all the embedded radios. This prevents the computer from looking for other devices to adhere to.
Try to reduce the number of accessories attached to your laptop that can drain your power as an external hard drive. Connected devices can be a factor of eating away in your battery life.
Try using the touchpad instead of using an external mouse if the battery is falling.

Dim the screen
Lower the brightness of your laptop a lot as it will help preserve the life of the battery.
This can usually be found in secondary keyboard controls on your laptop, such as icons that look like small suns and then manually reduce the brightness (F buttons, on a Windows PC).
If you buy for a new laptop, consider the bigger the laptop screen, the faster the battery drain, in general.
Power Tweak Settings
Windows users can also click the power and Sleep settings to manually reduce the power consumption of the notebook.
You can opt for the screen to darken when not being used for, for example, two minutes, but it turns on again instantly when you touch a key.
Windows 10 also has a switch that allows you to save battery mode, to limit the activity in the background such as push-mail, calendar synchronization, Live Tile upgrades, and more.
Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra offer additional Sleep and power settings to personalize your experience.
Get rid of the disk
If your notebook still uses optical media, such as a CD-ROM or DVD, keep in mind that the battery will be drained faster if there is a rotating disk in the drive.
Instead, make sure you first choose to install the medium on the computer itself if it is an option-like a game, a movie or an album-and save the drive at home.
The laptop battery will last much longer in low-drainage programs on system resources, such as a Word Processor.
Go with solid State drive
For your next PC or MAC, go with one that has a solid state disk (SSD) instead of a hard drive (HDD), as it is less gravel on the battery (since there are no moving parts). In addition, an SSD is smaller, lighter, faster and more durable than a HDD.
The only drawback is that you usually don't have as many files as a hard drive (for example, 256GB in front of 2-terabytes). Some laptops have a combination of SSD and HDD, which are used for different tasks.
Buy better
When you are ready to upgrade your laptop, be sure to invest in a good CPU, such as Intel's eighth-generation processors, since these chips are not only for fast performance and smooth multitasking, but also ideal for Extend the life of the battery in a considerable way.
Also, if you have a configuration option at the time of purchase, consider a more powerful battery, such as opting for a 12-cell battery instead of a 6-cell battery, or a larger number of Rho (watt-hour), such as 62 out of 43.more at webllena
Easy ways to make your laptop battery last longer Webllena

on Apr 20, 2018 | Android Apps

iPhone is really creating the buzz in the market. The people are buying this phone without even checking the reviews. You all can also check the and find all the details related to your queries. I will keep suggesting good answers for you.

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Refresh your device!

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How to choose a push notification service when developing a mobile app

Push notifications are one of the most important mobile app features that every business should have. Representing a great marketing tool, they allow companies to get in touch with their customers, increase customer and brand loyalty, and boost sales. Find out how to choose the best service for integrating a push notification feature.
Top 10 push notification services Push messaging platform or custom...

on Mar 26, 2018 | Mobile Systems Android Apps

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