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the n300 colors.....
4 LED Descriptions
Router Link LED
This LED indicates the connection between the extender and the router or access point.
Solid green
. Best connection.
Solid ambe
r. Good connection.
Solid red
. Poor connection.
. No connection.
Device Link LED
This LED indicates the connection between the extender and a computer or mobile device.
Solid green
. Best connection.
Solid amber
. Good connection.
Solid red
. Poor connection.
. No connection.

Power LED
Solid amber
. The extender is booting.
Solid green
. The extender is powered on.
. The extender is powered off.
Solid green
. WiFi security is enabled (WPA or WPA2).
Blinking green
. A WPS connection is being established.
. WiFi security is not enabled.
If the Router Link LED or Device Link LED is amber or red, Find the Best Location

Belkin Computers... | Answered on May 06, 2019

Start - Settings - Add Remove Software. Highlight Belkin, click Uninstall.

Belkin Computers... | Answered on Apr 29, 2019

Installing a Belkin extender is Quite Easy With Right Guidance. As you know Extender will help you boost your network strength. Who has an Older Belkin extender Please Reset it Before you go For Installation. Reset Will Also help you to Troubleshoot the Belkin extender Problems & Allows you to make changes to it. After Reset of your extender, You can Setup Belkin extender as you wish. just visit

Belkin Computers... | Answered on Apr 20, 2019

first, we will have to understand the issue with a cool mind.
Because They are Time Where You can fix Belkin router in just a few simple Steps -
1. Restart the Modem then after 20 sec restarts the Belkin wireless router.
2. Sometimes it's your firewall that blocks the internet connection. Please check and update the antivirus.
for more visit

Belkin... | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

To remove any problem we must know the reason behind it,
Why Belkin router blinking Orange light:-
1-router is overheating.
2-outdated firmware
3-IP conflict or modem is faulty
4 -the loose connection between router and modem
These are the major issues behind the Belkin router blinking orange.
For Standard, Belkin Troubleshooting read more:-
Troubleshoot your Belkin router blinking orange:-
1-POwer cycle- remove Belkin router from the power outlet wait for 1 min and then plug it back.
2-Connectivity-check all the cables from the modem to the router and make sure they are connected in the right way
3- trying Reset and Re-setup your Belkin router
Hope it will work for you.

Belkin Wireless... | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

mcdevito75 here, The orange light could mean a weak connection to the internet, shut down and try to re-connect.

Belkin... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

Fix problems with your Belkin wireless router especially when you are getting Orange or amber light on your Belkin router. There can be many incidents Or reasons behind you getting the orange light on Belkin router Such as-
  • The modem is Turned Off Or Cable from modem to router is not connected Properly.
  • The router is Not connected to Modem Or Modem is not getting the internet from the backend(I.S.P)
Troubleshooting Belkin Router Orange light step 1:- Unplug the Power Cable from modem & Router for 20 sec and then plug them back. setup 2:- At First Start With a normal power cycle (Restart your Modem & wait for 10 sec than restarting the Belkin router as well) for more visit

Belkin Play N600... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

This is normal - indicates internet traffic. Don't worry about it so long as all the lights are green. The lights will turn orange if there is a fault of any kind.

Hope that helps!

Belkin... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

Reset the router, then restart your computer

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

Belkin... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

An idea of Belkin router is blinking orange is simple but there can be many more reason behind that light code.
1. it just can be ISP issue (may be internet service provider is down )
2. you might want to restart the modem then router and wait for like 1 min this Belkin router blinking orange to green.
to know more visit

Belkin Computers... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

If your ISP requires a login for you to access the Internet, the router has to be able to pass that information to your ISP server, or it will not be able to access those servers. Your ISP should be well aware of this, as many people use routers for their home networks. The customer service section of your ISP should be able to provide you with this information. They would have had to have given this information to you at some time or you would never have been able to get on to the Internet. If you are having issues getting this information from your customer service people then perhaps you need to request a conversation with one of their supervisors. In all my 30 years of working with computers, and almost as many years of accessing the Internet, I have never heard of an ISP that would not provide you with your own login information. Perhaps it is time to change ISP's.

Belkin Share... | Answered on Mar 29, 2019

You can adjust MTU from within the Belkin Router administrative console. You really should not be changing it unless your current ISP gives you a specific MTU setting, otherwise you could disrupt internet connectivity.

Default IP address:
Default admin username: Administrator
Default admin password: <blank>
Be sure to set a password for your router!

This is the address where you change MTU

Belkin Wireless G User Manual:

Windows Tools to adjust MTU:

DrTCP tool:

TCP Optimizer

Belkin... | Answered on Mar 12, 2019

You can secure your wireless network wit WEP or WAP code.
For that Connect your router to computer with ethernet cable then you can access it with following default link.
For belkin router

If you are not able to access it with above ip then check your computers ip address gateway ip is your router ip try with it.
Then it ask for user name and password.
Type user as "admin" and password as "admin" or "password" or blank.
Then you can see configuration page of router.
Click on wireless settings then enable WEP Security then add WEP code .It is your password to connect wi fi.Then save settings and restart router.
Then you can connect your wi fi network with that code.
Thanks for using FixYa.

Belkin... | Answered on Mar 11, 2019

what about to set the ps3 ip address on the DMZ for the router that will give all the ports open to that address and will play freely
try go to advance settings and firewall or game and applications there is where you will set dmz application .
Good luck

Belkin... | Answered on Mar 09, 2019

Using the reset button The location of your range extender's reset button will vary depending on its model. The reset begins once you press and hold thereset button for at least 10 seconds while the range extender is powered ON. The Status Light on the the range extender will momentarily flash and will then begin to blink. When the light becomes solid again, the reset is complete.
Using the web-based setup page
If using the physical button does not work, you can access the range extender's web-based setup page and do the reset from there. Before you begin:
  • Make sure that the wireless computer or device you're using to access the web-based setup page is connected to the same network as the range extender.
  • You need to identify the IP address that your router has assigned to your range extender. Locate this by accessing your router's DHCP Client table. Once you have the range extender's assigned IP address, use it to access your range extender's web-based setup page.
  • Alternatively, you can enter "" in the web browser's Address bar if your range extender has NOT detected a DHCP server in your network.
Step 1:
In the web-based setup page of the range extender, go to Utilities and select Restore Factory Defaults. QUICK TIP: You may be prompted to log in with your range extender's administrator password. If you have not set any, simply leave the field blank and click on Submit. Step 2:
Click on the Restore Factory Defaults button. Your Belkin range extender should now be restored to its factory default settings.

Belkin Computers... | Answered on Feb 16, 2019

alright figured out a way to speed up the connections

under firewall - Disable it. Must be slowing down everything. Just make sure you have at least windows firewall (XP) or something else as you are directly connected to the internet now.

Let me know if this helps anyone.

Belkin... | Answered on Feb 15, 2019

If you have never changed the default password, you can find it printed on the label on the bottom of the router.
If you have changed the password before, you will need to reset the router back to factory defaults. There is probably a small button on the back of the router labelled "reset" that you will need to hold down for 10 seconds and release. To push this button, you will likely need the tip of a pen or the end of a paperclip bent into a straight line.
If you still need more assistance, please post the specific model so we can find a user manual for it online. If this solved your problem, please don't forget to rate this

Belkin Basic... | Answered on Jan 28, 2019

Did you mean to recover a Linux OS.Routers don,t use kernerls.

Belkin Wireless... | Answered on Jan 11, 2019

Please open the configuration page of your router by typing your router's IP address on a browser's address bar. Router's IP address is the default gateway when you check the IP address on the command prompt. As soon as you are on the login page, type the user name and password. Look for the wireless settings tab. SSID is the router's wireless network name. Replace the SSID of the name you want for your wireless network and apply the changes.

Belkin (54G... | Answered on Jan 10, 2019

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