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ring tone supplied this works fine. I have gone into sound setting, and everything looks normal i.e volume turned up silent mode is off. If i use the headphones i can listen to the music well throw ur


...u can change colors for the led light, its cool. another cool thing about this app is its "unique volume control" for different volume


...stopped working. i tried powering off and on but that didnt help. any ideas? a lot of the system volumes were put back to default. I only realized this when I downloaded the "Audio Manager so I'll get you some solutions to try. Hi When the phone is turned on, and you increase the main volume using the button on the side of the device, can you see that the volume is being increased? ...

Phone ringer not working Suddenly the ringer has stopped working even with full volume on. try resetting the phone. If thet does not work take it to the company for service

My HTC G1's Call-in volume is too low, it's really very hard to understand what the caller is saying! I need HELP! Check if 1. Speaker is blocked somehow. 2. All volume settings are proper.

...had a little water damage that has only affected the speakerphone. It will either produce medium volume,full volume,or no volume given the day...since it sometimes will work perfectly I don't ...

phone doesn't ring, even though it set to ring aloud and phone keeps restarting when I press the volume buttons Maybe the phone has no media volume as in any other phone it may not have the software ...

my htc g1 ring volume is too low. Although ringer volume and media volume is on max mode even then I couldn't here it while I am on the road or soamewhere in the crowd. Please guide me with proper ...

...desire) Resetting the phone using phone buttons 1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button. 2. Wait for the screen with the 3 ...

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