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Question about Suzuki Motorcycles

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...oil filler plug, bad head gasket, bad cylinder gasket, and condensation. The normal culprit is the water pump seals. i have a ktm rc8 & i recently came off it, the bike is now rebuilt but i think ...


Question about 2001 Vitara

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...bad oil presure or your oil sensor has gone bad. Start with checking the sensor on the engine. If bad replace. Other wise you need to check the oil sending unit and the oil pump to see if they have ...


Question about 2001 Vitara

1 Answer

...bad and is letting water get into the oil. The oil turns grey when water gets emulsified with the oil. The pump will need a new seal, "O" ring and gaskets. Go to this website to see an exploded view ...

bad oil pump.check all hoses if it continues then take the cover off the oil tank , remove spark plug then hand crank the engine over and watch for oil flowing back to tank, if it doesn't you need

Question about 1987 Samurai

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...oil Sounds as though the pump isn't seated properly. I know the one bolt is hard to get to, however, if the pump isn't seated properly, it won't bring fuel up to the pump. May possibly ...

...bad . what causes are when Mobil oil mix within coolant ? if there is no symptoms like no indication light glow in maruti swift vdi panel and no smoke in silencer . only one symptom that when car ...

...bad oil pump There is a recall on some oil pumps we plug on them is hard to remove to put new pump on so call nears dealer that use to sell them give Vin number they will tell you about warranty Pss ...

Question about 2004 Forenza

1 Answer

...oil pump STATE ENGINE SIZE, or a symptom. most pumps on most engines require engine pan drop. or more. there are 54 engines made by suzuki and some models 3 to 8 engine options. or read the manual, ...

...oil are you running? grade. one more easter egg hunt. xL-7 ill guess, 3.6L engine the N36a suzuki oem parts pages show this, as does the FSM. part 13, there are 2 generations of pump. why not post ...

bad pump block loop packed in sludge, zero service done ever. rad core tubes blocked , easy test ask. see 27 symptoms here and the cures. and tests

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