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Question about 2000 MX-5 Miata

3 Answers

Engine rotates but will not start. I have spark and can hear the fuel pump relay click, but I don't know if the fuel pump is working. T in Georgia the only method that work was pulling the fuel pump ...


Question about 2001 MX-5 Miata

1 Answer

Mazda mx 5 2001 starting problem 2001 ''Y'' reg mx5 (mk 2.5) 1.8 sport refuses to start. 55,000 miles. The engine turns over ok but wont fire. Serviced just over a month ago so new plugs and filters ...


Question about 2001 MX-5 Miata

1 Answer

will not start after sitting ok so i have the same starting issue! the car ran good until we let it sit about 5 months with out starting it! We changed the spark plugs and have checked ever fuse in ...

...wasnt so sure it had part froze up again and i had started it . i must admit sometimes when i tried starting it during that cold spell it didnt sound right when it turned over at first. sound like a ...

Miata engine turns over but won't start after short drive Miata engine turns over but won't start after a short drive but then cools down and starts OK installed my camara to ups . inform the ...

I have a 2002 Miata. I went out to start it, it won't start. I have a 2002 Miata. I went out to start it, it started, died, I tried again, same thing about 3/4 times. I finally quit trying so the ... labeled main or master fuse. Replace this fuse and vehicle should work everything but maybe the starting issues. You have a short somewhere. If the fuse blows again or the car won't start repost ...

Question about 2002 Miata

1 Answer

shuts off after start up replaced fuel pump year ago. replaced fuel filter today. stalled several times last couple months. yesterday would not start back up. rotate key all the way off and starts for

...charger during winter so wanted to start several times (on/off) so oil would get to upper end & not starting dry. I started then off then on again & heard a loud bang like gun or backfire. 3 battery ...

2012 Mazda 5 won't start - starer and battery seem OK, the starter cycles, lights etc. work. Gas tank is full, car worked fine yesterday. When you turn the key to start, what happens ? Does the engine

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