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Question about DEH-P3500 CD Player

1 Answer

error 11 what's error 11? ERROR-11, ERROR-12, ERROR-17, ERROR-30: This is caused by a dirty disc. Clean the disc and retry.


Question about DVR-530H-S DVD Player/HDD Recorder

1 Answer

copying to disc from sky HD with Pioneer DVR 530H copying to disc from sky HD i want the mfd date of HDD S.R. No. 90Z94YRX


Question about VSX-1018AH-K Receiver

1 Answer

...through each channel on the vsx1018 display (L for front left, C for center, R for front right, SR for side right, SBR for sarround back right, SBL for sarround back left, SL for side left, and ...

Question about VSX-94TXH

1 Answer

...get something like ( ) which is a Mini ...


Question about DVR-K06 Burner

1 Answer

...for a Pioneer DVR K06, having difficulty locating... HELP! email: Jon Barnes Sr Take it to a computer repair or appliance repair and if don't have they can ...

hi put a pioneer stereo in my 2000 sr 5 hilux 4x4 ,when i turn the key off it doesnt keep the memory do you no what color wire is the memory one Make sure the yellow wire is going to a source that is ...

...cassette player. ...

Good morning I have a Teac 890MKll now I also have a mackie FX8 mixing board and a pioneer DDJ SR I would like to record my mixes to a disc how can I hookup the teac to record please help On the rear ...

...NSP 15 Lead Clamper M AEC1611 NSP 16 Cable Clip AEP-214 NSP 17 PCB Side Holder ANG2305 18 SR BNC Assy AWZ6342 19 Screw BCZ30P080FZK 2 Hello, It is likely on the video board. At today's

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