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96 Chev Caprice Classic Interior lights won't shut off. The Interior lights won't shut off on my 96 Chev Caprice Classic. Shut the door and it has a slight delay before they shut off, but mine won't ...


Headlights stay on when car is shut off & keys out of ignition I shut off my lights then shut off my car & i noticed one of the headlights on. So I got back in put my keys in the ignition & didn't ...


Question about 1996 Cavalier

1 Answer

trying to find the fuel pump shut off switch recently hit an ice block and my cavalier shut off and now wont start does turn over though Chevy dosent have any type of fuel shut off system.

Question about 2004 TrailBlazer

1 Answer

Washer pump will not shut off My 2004 chvy trailblazer winshild washer pump will not shut off, I pulled every fuse and it still won't shut off so i un pluged the pump. If some one knows how to fix it ...

...shutting off does it shut off then after 5 minutes while cooling down will it start up again then run a few miles then shut off again. if so it is your crank sensor. if your vehicle shuts off while ...

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer 4.3ltr where the lights won't shut off I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer 4.3ltr where the lights or parking lights or gages behave in a randon fashion. Last night when I turned off

windshiled wipers will work on the intermittet stage for about 10-15 minutes then automatically goes to regular speed and will not shut off. When stop vehicle and shut engine off and let sit 15-20 ...

engine shut down while driving. it cranks over but it seems the timing is off, it has a feel that it will start. fuel pump works replaced coil rotor cap wires and spark plugs are you saying the engine

Question about 1994 Cavalier

1 Answer

dome light wont shut off in cavalier Shut car off interior dome does not fade and shut off. is the switch on the light itself turned on or is it in the middle I think there are 3 settings one for on ...

Question about 2004 Silverado 3500

1 Answer

Why won't blower shut off? 03 - 06 Silverado/Sierra blower stays on with key off (how to ... ? 1:32 Apr 7, 2014 - Uploaded by MAY03LT The HVAC blower in ...

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