Questions & Answers for: Dell Studio shutting off


Question about Studio 15 Laptop

1 Answer

off after a few mintues of it being on. Tried returning /resetting it to factury condition and it is still shutting down after a couple of mintues. Is there a solution? Usually this happens because of


Question about Studio XPS 16 Notebook

1 Answer

computer shuts off on its own computer turns itself off while I am using it. Yesterday I was in the middle of of a project and nearly finished when it turned itself off and I lost all the work and had


When turning on my laptop, screen is blank yet you can hear the hard drive running. Removed battery and reinstalled and then turned on yet ran through recovery mode Immediately run the PSA test. Leave

Question about Studio 17 Notebook

1 Answer

Sudio 17 spontaneously shuts off spontaneously shuts off. I hear the hard drive working very hard then System shuts off with no warning. It's not overheating because bottom is cool. Troubleshooting ...

Question about Studio One 19 PC Desktop

1 Answer

...shutting down how to solve First, press CTRL + ALT+ DELETE and bring up the task manager. If there is no response, you could try a hard reset. Either hold down the power button for a few seconds ...

Question about Studio 1537 Laptop

2 Answers

Hi, My name is Cristina, I have had my Dell Studio since May of last year. I have not been able to use my laptop. I can turn on my laptop use it for about 15 - 20 minutes and then it just shuts ...

Question about Studio 17 (884116012658) PC Notebook

1 Answer

Hi I have a Dell Studio 17/1745 Laptop and today while I was using it, it shut off right in the middle of my work. Now the computer won't turn on. It acts like it's going to but shuts right back down.

...makes the ejecting sound several times before shutting off. discs will not eject properly or they eject prematurely in the middle of play. is this something I can fix? Get a new or used CD/DVD ...

off then shutting down after it gets on shutting down it never turns off then I have to press and hold the power button to turn it off when I turn it back on it says windows did not shut down properly

Question about Studio 1555 laptop

1 Answer

laptop wont come on need help? my paptop trys to come on but it beeps seven time for a while then shut off and power light flash on and then off put in new memory rams still does the same thing The ...

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