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...shuts itself off right after powering it on Hi! I have a problem with a Dell Inspiron 1100. Turn it on and after a while, it shuts itself off. Last like 10 or so minutes. Tried to back up files off ...


Question about P25-S670 Notebook

1 Answer off. If the laptop does not shut down if you go to Shut Down, you can try pressing the power button and see if it shuts down, if not, hold the power button down for 5 seconds and it will power


Question about TDP-S8 Multimedia Projector

2 Answers

doesn't shut off there was a time my projector refused to shut off...the screen displayed a blank blue wall with a big red "X" mark on the left corner...I had to pull the plug just to shut it off...I ...

Question about SD-2705 Multi-disc DVD Player

1 Answer

shuts off during movie Dvd player Toshiba SD-2705 will either shut off during a movie or it will shut off and start the dvd over just to shut off again. When I turn the power back on, it will work for

Question about CF36G40 36" TV

2 Answers

shuts off the tv will has suddenly shut off by itself and the red light next to the power switch just flashes and when i push the power button nothing happens. when i unplug the power cord and plug it

Question about Satellite P300D-ST3711 Notebook

1 Answer

Will not log off or shut down properly Toshiba laptop will not shut down,when i log off or shut down,after a few minutes it switches itself on, and can only be turned off by the off button. sounds to ...

Question about Satellite A105 Notebook

1 Answer

is simply shutting the notebook a safe way to is simply shutting the notebook a safe way to shut it down ? The proper way to shut down a computer is to click on START - Turn off Computer - then click ...

My screen is stuck on 'logging off' and as been shutting down for 48hrs so far. ow can I get it to complete the shutting down/switching off sequence? My screen is stuck on 'logging off

Question about TP55H60 55" Rear Projection Television

1 Answer

...shuts off for a few days now this tv has been shutting off by itself,sometimes the color is distorted too but now for 3 days the tv been shutting off by itself, any help please? thanx. Sounds like a ...

...shuts down with the on/off switch AD+206 Auto Shut Off Mode timer setting (Auto Shut Off Mode/Sleep Mode) ALL Refer to content <0-20> SYS Timer to turn OFF the power or to enter the Sleep Mode ...

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