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shuts off '94 gmc 2500 pickup. Cruise control shuts off.When problem first started I could shut off the ignition while under way, then restart the truck and the cruise would work. Now it won't work at


Question about 1998 Jimmy

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shuts off), if I apply my brake it shuts off There is a short in the signal switch mechanism in the steering column. Excess wear and conducting grease has created this short. The switch can be acessed


Question about 1990 Sierra

1 Answer're in an accident or rollover, when oil pressure drops it shuts off power to fuel pump. I'd start there. The reverse is also a possibility, if fuel pump fails, truck shuts down = no oil

wipers do not shut off all the time on delay they sometime run regular and won't shut off for as much as 45 minutes wipers do not shut off all the time on delay they sometime run regular and ...

2002 gmc 3500 Truck back up lights and clearance lights stay on after truck is shut off Shut truck off and lights on warning kept going off, was unable to shut off back lights and clearance lights ...

Question about 2000 Jimmy

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security alarm wont shut off Shut vehicle off left key in ignition came back to start security light was flashing wont shut off. Have followed instructions in manual still wont shut off Make sure all ...

GMC Jimmy security alarm wont shut off Car was running I shut it off and left key in ignition went back to start it and security was flashing and wont shut off even after following steps in manual Try

...I'm not 100% sure of this but thats what it sounds like. If the solenoid is working properly and shuts off the fuel line like it should there is no excessive fuel to ignite. Thus no shake or

front ac blower wont shut off after the truck is shut off it does have rear ac This would indicate to me the vehicle has had an issue with the wiring, perhaps an accident in the front end, and someone

...shuts off while driving When driving sometimes when I accelerate my car sometimes stalls and shuts off or wants too. Envoy cutting off - 2004 GMC Envoy - RepairPal > Questions > GMC > ...

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