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my 1993 land cruiser's engine starts shaking when it's idling, it runs well when I push the gas, but when I leave it idling it starts shaking, and the rpm's go down like 600-to 700, I think it's one ...


My car shakes at idle speed of 800 rpm, doesn't My car shakes at an idle speed of 800 rpm, doesn't shake above 1000. Any ideas on what might be the problem? old engine mounts can cause that problem, ...


...joints but still the problem is not solved ,what can i do now? well if the truck feels like it is shaking under you its got to be a tire with a broken belt, or if it is shaking on the steering

shake in steering at about 65kh not all the time I have a 79 series landcruiser ute sometimes when at 65kh a shake in steering starts and expands to chassi, front wheel bearings have been replaced but

Question about 2001 Land Cruiser

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coolant leaks 200 series I have a coolant leak in the front of my 200 series diesel cruiser. Pink fluid being blown by the fan belt onto the oil cooler and other parts. Seems to be comming from top ...

when I push the gas, the car doesn't move. it shakes need more info, could be sensor or fuel pressure problem, have you scaned it for codes

when i push the gas the car doesn't move, it shakes does it feel like and engine or trans problem, what trans do you have

when i push the gas the truck shakes too much if your don't have a loss of power, and your engine is running well, you probably have one or more motor mounts bad

...after 2 minutes of idling what color is the smoke? Could be engine oil caused by a bad valve seal. Shaking could be due to fouling plugs from the oil. Need to pull off valve cover and replace seals. ...

Question about 2000 Land Cruiser

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why the engine is shaking the engine is not steaming Check for codes. Shaking is usually misfire. Is the CEL flashing?

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