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97 Cougar XR7 V6 shaking in steering wheel and body. 70,000 KM new tires and balance no help. Front end checks out tight. Replaced both rear springs, they were broken, no help. At hwy speed shaking is


The passenger side front tire shakes. I replaced the bearing, and it still shakes. The tire is balanced, what else should I check? ball joints


Question about 2000 Cougar

2 Answers

car. It was shaking substantially. It did ok for about half a day, and then started shaking again. The tire is balanced and in excellent conditioning. Before I replace the wheel hub/bearing assembly (

car will shake really bad and act like it wants to stall. I've replace the transmission range temp sensor and solenoid. Interstate problems: Faulty Torque Converter or Transmission Electrical Harness.

As I accelerate the car will pull to the right, let off the gas peddle and it will straighten shakes horribly driving uphill, and still shakes but less going downhill... One of the front brake

vibration that shakes the whole car i have a vibrathin that shakes the whole car and ive replaced the trans mount,and its not coming from rack and pinion.the vibration is located in the rear of the ... could not shake. Take it to a front end shop where they can check the toe and camber and check for bad wheel bearing etc. Shaking at the speed usually means a tire has a bulge or out of balance. ...

Question about 2001 Cougar

2 Answers

Cougar 2001 V6 engine, shakes initially but it go away when the car picks up the speed? please assit Sounds like you might need a tune-up fuel filter plugs wires an oil change air filter.Etc. there ...

Question about 1994 Cougar

1 Answer smog check done and guy said shaking caused machine to abort test at high rpms he said the rear shakes excessively at high rpms. i never have problems while driving. what could cause this? Out of ...

94 mercury cougar taken to have smog test done. technician said excessive shaking during high rpms caused smog machine to abort smog test. he said excessive shaking in rear. dont shake while driving. ...

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