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Question about 2002 Deville

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shaking all the time,really get`s noticable about 50 mph hey there if you have bad shaking when your traveling you might need a wheel balance or a wheel alighnment thats the most cause


2001 Cadillac DeVille shakes while idling The car shakes while idling, does this mean it needs a tune-up or is there something else I should consider having checked or done? the tune-up or the motor ...


i have a radiator problem is my car suppose to shake a bit from the engine Your car may shake a bit just from age, yes. somethings wear and she may shake some. is making a strange sounds and it looks like two of the pulleys are shaking I need to know the names of the pulleys so that I can price the part its not the pulleys its what they are fitted ...

Question about 2000 DeVille

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i have a 2000 caddy deville. my moter shake only when im stopped and not when i drive. i did a tuneup and it still shakes. can i be a bad coil pack or.......? Did you check the condition of your motor

Question about 1994 DeVille

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...then it quit. Then right before I got home it started shaking again. If the car is running well, the issue could be a motor mount. A bad motor mount will give you the symptom of vibrating or may not redtart would you have clue what it may be A motor that shakes when you accelerate can usually be traced back to a bad motor mount. The shaking is the motor shifting around each time you ...

my 2004 cadillac deville is shaking in a low idle why is that when i slow down and come to a stop its the only time that it does that that plz help Does it occur when you apply the brakes? A warped ...

2001 caddilac deville dhs shakes when it goes over 60mph and makes thumping noise from rear passanger side when i brake shakes when it goes over 60mph and makes thumping noise from rear passanger side shaking over 55. Mech friend says it's the rotor. Worried about driving. A bad rotor would only cause a shake when you are using the brakes. A bad tire could shake at 55mph and above. I would get ...

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