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Question about Chrysler Town and Country

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My van smokes when i start it up , and sometimes i can hear the valves rattling If it smokes when you first start it indicates valve seals are bad and oil is seaping thru them into cyls. when it sets ...


Question about Chrysler Town and Country

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...oil change, how do I reset it? im not 100% sure but turn the key to the on posistion push and hold the trip reset knob if this does not work try pumping the gas pedal 3-4 times if not you can call ...


Question about Chrysler Town and Country

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...Oil change mainly. To reset the service indicator light follow these steps. Switch off the ignition. Now turn the ignition to "S" for steering lock. Next press and hold the "A" button. While holding ...

How do I reset my change oil message in my 2010 town and country. I changed the oil but the message is still there when I start the van. it should tell you how in the owners manual

grinding noise front drivers side 2010 town and country driving fine the it would grind and clunk a little then drive fine Is the noise constant and changes rate dependent on the speed of the vehicle?

How do l change a fog light on 2010 town and country from under the front bumper facia

2010 Chrysler town & country 3.8 transmission won't shift out Is the speedo working properly / if not repair the spedo. Also you can try and reset the trans by disconnecting the battery, and check ...

Question about 2010 Town and Country

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...oil change how do I reset the computer? If you really want the computer reset, it will make the radio disabled, unless you have the radio code. If so, unhook bat cabel wate a bit well reset Yea just ...

My 2010 Chrysler Town and Country appears to have uconnect. However, I can not get my phone connected. When I try it says not equipped with uconnect. Chrysler Town Country 2008 2010 Shop Service ...

2010 Chrysler T&C 6 speed. Will not go up grade in reverse, Chatters and thumps. Reverse works fine on flats, parking lot etc, 2010 2010 Chrysler T&C Touring 6 speed. will not go up any grade in ...

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