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Question about 1996 Cutlass Supreme Coupe

1 Answer

...Did he replace the bulbs ? Check the bulbs and replace . Also check the fuse see if it's blown.check all the bulbs and fuses to all the lights. They may be integrated in on or two


Question about 1994 Bravada

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replace the fuse in question with a new one of the same amperage. If you need fuses, or someone to show you more about this go to any autozone store and they will sell you the fuse, show you where the


Question about 1999 Cutlass

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replace the unit on 2 of my vehicles. My horn has stopped working. However, it makes the sound when I press the remote to lock my doors. I checked both fuses (the one in the fuse box on the side panel

...replace the fuse for the radio? You'll find a fuse puller clipped inside the cover Fuse Panel, place the wide end of the fuse puller over the plastic end of the fuse. Squeeze the ends over the fuse ...

Question about 1997 Eighty Eight

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replace these fuses. Since replacing these fuses is difficult, we recommend that you see your retailiefr you need one replaced. Driver?s Side Fuse Block/box The driver?s side fuse block is to thele ft air while i was parked. checked fuses and saw the 15 amp mini fuse for a/c clutch was blown. i replaced it, turned on the a/c and blew the new fuse immediately. i then replaced the micro relay ...

fuse. Replace the fuse panel cover under the glove box. 6 Test the automatic doors with your remote control. If they do not open or close, the problem is with the remote. Pop the rear cover off of the

...flasher fuse for 94 oldsmoble,98model need to replace fuse for 94 oldsmobile,98model. turn signal not working but hazards work. cant find location of fuse. check for fuse box on top of wheel ...

Question about 1990 Cutlass Ciera

1 Answer

...? also power antena, and radio, plus power door locks, quit working.Fuse blows as soon as its replaced. A good place to start for the location of the fuse for your horn is in your owners

... Each fuse receptacle is marked as to the circuit it protects and the correct amperage of the fuse. REPLACEMENT Pull the fuse from the fuse block. Inspect the fuse element (through the clear plastic ...

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