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Question about AVR-3802 Receiver

1 Answer

...replace the fuse. 2) If it has to be programed for the particular inputs then there might be a battery dead. simply begin the same way you did with the other solution and this time look for a round ...


Question about DRA-395 Receiver

1 Answer mode. Needs to be reset or fuse blown. Take to repair shop, cover has to be taken off and fuse replaced. You could fix it yourself but the warranty won't be honored. Do it yourself electronic ...


Question about AVR-1604 Receiver

1 Answer

...can an do burn out. Use ohm meter to test if fuse is good. The fuses are usually just like automotive fuses so you can try to find an amperage printed or stamped on the fuse. Replace with same.

Question about AVR-1100 Receiver

1 Answer

replace the fuse and then plug it back in and turn it on, and then it blows the fuse again, please do not keep trying to turn it on or put in a higher rated fuse. It will only damage the unit further.

...test your tone and check again, if still no tone, you have a bad fuse. You should be able to get a replacement at Radio Shack or any Electronics Parts store. If your fuses are good, you've got a ... once (with the exact rating) and if it blows a second time, then you have something shorting out and can be costly to repair. DO NOT replace the fuse with a higher rating for it might cause a

Question about DN-S3500

1 Answer

...fuse yourself here is how:- Use a flat screwdriver or a knife and insert it where i have marked in yellow. Then push the plastic lid out with the picture of a fuse.Replace fuse and press the lid

...replace the part myself? I have a bit of electrial knowledge so I opened it up and found a blown fuse on the power board. I went to an auto parts store and found a replacement in the correct amperage ...

Question about 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Receiver - AVR-S700W

1 Answer

Why is the Display Panel no longer displaying? There is a fuse on the front panel that needs to be replaced. When doing so, there is also a capacitor that denon suggests replacing to avoid the fuse ...

my Denon AVR-3312 fuse popped out and I replaced it but as I turn it on it popped again.Please help Fuses are provided as safety devices and do not fail under normal operation. If a fuse blows, it is ...

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