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Question about SWBL SoundWorks PC multimedia speaker system Speakers - Computer Speakers

1 Answer

...fuse. Replace it with a good fuse. If it keeps blowing the fuse, the problem is likely in the speaker. If the problem is inside the sub, you may need to repair/ replace the circuit board inside the ...


Question about BassCube 15 Speaker

1 Answer

...fuse is fine. Does Cambridge Soundworks have an authorized repair center that can check it out and either repair the amplifier or replace it? Edwards Electronics on ebay repairs these amps - contact ...


Question about ton Theater T300 Home Theater Speaker System, Mahogany System

1 Answer

...fuse. To replace the fuse: 1. Unplug the AC cord from the AC power source, then remove the AC power cord from the speaker's power connector. 2. Remove the fuse cap with a small, flat blade ...

Question about 88CD Clock Radio

1 Answer

...A couple of possibilities- If there is no fuse holder on the rear of the box, it may not be user-replaceable but soldered onto an internal board. If it has blown, either there has been a component ...

...the fuse holder and unscrew it. After all this I checked the fuse continuity and it tested ok! I replaced it with a bit higher rated fuse just in case and I pulled on the spring to extend it just

Question about CD-740 Clock Radio

2 Answers hour or so. I read where replacing the power cord may fix that problem. where can I purchace a replacement cord? there is a good write up in another thread related to the cd740 - think it is ...

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