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Question about 2002 LeSabre

1 Answer

...fuse can I use to replace a power outlet fuse? it must be shorting out,dont put a bigger fuse than you have because youre going to have an electrical fire,instead check the wires to the outlet if ok ...


Question about 1989 Century

2 Answers

...something hooked up wrong, try pulling out all the fuses check them and replace them... There was a penny in the lighter chamber. I removed it and replaced the fuse. Thanks for responding so


...replace the stereo harness and blew a fuse. replaced fuse and put old radio back in until i get the adapter harness. Only problem now is that the windows won't go down. but the fuse for that looks ...

replace the radio! I have been told that removing then replacing the fuse after a few minutes may reset the CD player and cause it to eject the CD but cannot tell which fuse to pull. Which fuse is the

...sound insulator on the right side of the passenger footwell to replace these fuses. Since the replacement of these fuses can be difficult, we recommend that you see your dealer for fuse

...side (driver's side) of the instrument panel and pulls down for easy access. To replace a fuse, simply pull it from the panel. Insert a new (same amp rating) fuse in its place. Bad head light ...

Question about 1993 Roadmaster

1 Answer

...replace a fuse: Be sure to replace a fuse with the correct one for the application. SFE (Society of Fuse Engineers) and all-glass cartridge (sometimes called "Bussman" or "Buss") fuses will ...

replace fuse for power windows in a 1998 buick le sabre? How to replace a fuse ? Do you even know that you have a blown fuse? If you do,are you aware that if you replace it,it will blow again. Are you

Question about 1998 LeSabre

1 Answer

...fuse blow ? when you turn the key to the start position . How about when you turn it to just on position ? Replacing the ignition switch an the column ????? Why did you replace these ? You think it ...

...AC does not work. Had it serviced. Blowers work. Full of freon. Fuse revealed it was blown. Replaced and blew again. Service tech tried 4-5 times and fuse blew each time. not much of a

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