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Question about 2002 Lancer

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fuse is flow and i try to replace it but as soon as i put in it blows again. what could that be? Not sure what you mean by engine fuse..depending on where it is . will determend why it is blowing out.


...replace fuse under dash The radio probably had a CD or tape player in it that went bad, and it probably blew a fuse. You might want to remove the radio before replacing the fuse, or else you could ...

Ad Lit. I have checked the Fuse under the hood and found out the 7.5 amp fuse is blown, so i replaced the 7.5 fuse & keeps blowing. I checked with AutoZone and they said my Alternator (w/ ...

...sure to replace it with the same amp#. Should be a 15 amp fuse. First check/replace the fuse. If that doesn't work I would consider replacing the entire cigarette lighter it runs about 12$. Thanks, ...

replace..And check all the vacuum lines that are loose and leaks suctions or sometimes they are crack open by long ages..By the way check and recheck all those other fuses and relay for make sure they

Question about 2004 Lancer

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fuse issue, but a simple failure of the pump in 99 percent of failures. Check power to the pump with a multimeter and someone in the car operating the washers. If power is present, then simply replace

inside. Try swapping the same number fuses with each other. If what you swap for starts working replace the fuse you swapped with. Alot of times there is a fuse puller in fuse box case and spare fuses

...ok. Lamps test ok. If Dual beam bulbs, low beam on light may be blown. I just had the same problem on my '91 Camaro. Could also be a simple fuse replacement, find correct fuse, , replace, and

Question about 1995 Lancer

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...Mitsubishi Lancer 1995. My tail lights and dashboard lights are not working. Checked all fuses and replaced all bulbs. Having trouble identifying the problem. I need a fuse diagram for my car please ...

replace with a higher amp fuse, from a 15 to a 20. But it's possible you have a short somewhere in your system, grounding a power wire. A higher amp fuse could cause that grounded wire to overheat and

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