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Question about 2002 Avalanche

1 Answer

knock sensor have you replaced yours? and if so did you do it yourself? how horible was it and do you have any advise on replacing them?> i have replaced several sets they are under intake. most of ...


Question about 2003 Avalanche

1 Answer

...the driver's side of the dash on the side when the door is open. These relays run the rear doors. Replace both while you are at it....I just had the same problem and replacing one would not do the ...


Question about 2007 Avalanche LTZ

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...& Gasket Also Transmission Flush and new transmission fluid. #4) Complete Brake Inspection Replace if Needed. Also Flush out Brake System with new Fluid. #5) Inspect Front End for Worn

cracked drivers side heated signal mirror for 2004 Avalanche, should I just replace glass mirror? Most heated mirrors on vehicles are made together. In other words, just replacing the mirror may or ...

...gas gauge has gone way past full and is stuck. What is the fix? Is it Step motors that need to be replaced or what? The truck runsand drives just fine. I have to use my trip meter to keep up with

Question about 2004 Avalanche

1 Answer

approximately how long does it  approximately how long does it  take to replace the knox sensor. Hello: Approximately 2 - 4 hours depending on the ability and experience of the ...

Easiest way to replace a fuel pump on a 2002 chevy avalanche? i replaced the fuel pump on my chevy avalanche last year there is really only one way to replace it ,you have to take the braces down that

Question about 2006 Avalanche

1 Answer

replacment of steering wheel bulbs the bulbs are not replaceable have to replace the switch they are not very expensive

How do I turn off my traction and ABS light. I just replaced my left side front Wheel bearing and the light for my ABS amd tration is still on. How do i turn this off? you can take out the fuse or ...

just replaced both front hubs on my 06 avalanche still have a hum coming from the font any ideas about a hum coming sounds like the front just replace the two front hubs the hum was there before i ...

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