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Question about Ford Econoline

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i have recently over heated my ford econovan. After allowing it to cool i added water back into the radiator and noticed it was coming out on the ground as quickly as i poured it into the radiator. on


Question about 1993 Econoline

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Van won't start My e150 (1993) periodically decides not to start, but to only click. There's sort of a fuel injection primer noise from the back of the van 1st, then a click noise under the hood, and ...


just replaced the starter on a 2002 Ford Explorer 4.0l V6, but the starter won't engage. We don't hear the solenoid clicking. The battery is charged. The vehicle just wouldn't start in the driveway ...

how involved is it to change rear crank seal The transmission has to be removed . The flywheel has to be removed to gain access to the rear main seal.

Question about 1999 Econoline

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how to remove rear axle? Removal Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. Remove the differential housing cover and drain the lubricant. Remove the rear brake drums. Remove ...

flywheel to get to the bolts,the converter should have been un bolted before removing the engine It's bolted to the fly wheel. You will have to remove the the fly wheel cover and probably the starter.

where is the blower motor on a 1999 econoline Remove the battery. Remove the battery tray. If equipped with air conditioning, loosen and move the suction accumulator/drier to access the blower motor. ...

Question about 1994 Econoline

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leaking water from oil pan or behind oil pan figure out what type/size engine you have, call a dealer and ask for service department. ask them whether that engine has freeze plugs on the back of the ...

1990 ford e350 has a thin steel plate that goes between the torque converter and flywheel . what is this part called ? it has no ring gear 7.3 diesel c6 automatic transmission. dualmass flywheel. ...

when starting starter grinds replaced starter baterie sevral times after copul wks same thing all over checked flywheel seems to allright You probably are not getting the starter installed correctly. ...

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