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Question about 1999 Cougar

1 Answer

...cover. Remove the spark plug wires. Detach the upper part of the engine front cover out of the way. Remove the four bolts. Position the front cover to one side. Remove the valve cover. Position the ...


...cover in the rear. 4. Remove 2 phillips head screws in the wheel well rear lip. 5. Remove 4 pop-up plastic retainers in liftgate area. Use two screw drivers to lift the head and then pull the entire ...


Question about 2006 Pacifica

1 Answer

...that lever in the same angle.Remove the clutch cover bolts around the outside of the cover.the cover should now be removed by pulling the cover straight out. Thanks and I hope that this helps. ...

Question about 2007 XL 883 Sportster

1 Answer

...cover off to remove the broken bolt so that i can replace it. Inspection cover and cover by the clutch cable were also removed, what is holding this cover in place? (Sportster 883xl) You need to ...

Question about Color LaserJet 2600n Printer

1 Answer

cover. Remove the left cover. Squeeze the white link lever on the left side. Remove the screw on the right white plastic catch, and then remove the plastic catch. Close the ETB. Remove the small black

Question about CM1415fnw AllInOne Laser Printer

1 Answer

cover on page 41. 2. Remove two screws (callout 1) and the black plastic cover (callout 2). Figure 1-117 Remove the fuser (1 of 4) 1 2 80 Chapter 1 Removal and replacement ENWW 3. Disconnect five wire

Question about 2005 Wrangler

1 Answer

Hold the camshaft sprocket with Special Tool 6847, or equivalent, while removing the center bolt. Remove the timing belt idler pulley. Remove the rear cover fasteners and remove the cover from engine

...cover (3). Remove the lower trim cover (3). If screws are not present in the lower trim cover, proceed to the next step. Gently unsnap the lower trim cover from the upper trim cover. Important: You ...

...cover. Remove the ignition wires and spark plugs. Remove the crankcase ventilation tubes from both valve covers. Remove the retaining nuts and engine wiring from both valve covers and move aside. ...

cover and remove engine air cleaner outlet tube bracket. Remove four nuts retaining RH ignition wire cover and remove cover. Disconnect ignition wires from spark plugs with a gentle twist! pull motion

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