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Question about 1999 S-10 Pickup

1 Answer

...cover in place. Remove these two screws. Now the cover will be loose however there are two plastic clips underneath the top part of the cover that need a bit of persuasion but will snap free. Once ...


Question about 1993 S-10

1 Answer

remove the cover from the vehicle. NOTE: On a few of the early model vehicles covered by this manual, some of the heater core cover screws may be partially/fully covered by the dashboard. Be sure that


...cover. Remove the heater core from the heater/vent module To Install: Install the heater core to the heater/vent module. Install the heater core access cover and screws to the heater/vent module. ...

...Remove the cover held on by three screws. Remove the cover. The cover is the module. Should you need further help please just ask. Please rate the answer. This way I know the information was helpful. ... as not to damage it remove: alternator,power steering pump,a/c compressor and fan the harmonic balancer also has to come off before you can remove the front cover. big job. hope this helps ...

Question about 1992 S-10

1 Answer

...plastic cover thats recessed back farther than the main dash,there are a lot of screws and turning and twisting to get this cover off,but you need not remove the whole dash to access the heater ...

Question about 2000 S-10

1 Answer

...Remove bolt from end of crankshaft. CAUTION Inspect the timing chain cover for warping or damage. Replace if needed. Clean all timing chain cover mating surfaces. Install or connect the following: ... I don't see how to remove the plastic cover to get that hook out of there so it will work again. Go to Auto Zone or Advance Auto and purchase a Haynes manuel for your make & model

...remove the cover from the vehicle. Be sure that all are removed before attempting to remove the cover. If necessary, unbolt and reposition all/part of the dashboard for better access. Remove the ...

Question about 2001 S-10

1 Answer

...remove the differential cover. drain the oil. clean cover and use silicone as a gasket . Reassemble. remove oil plug on housing, fill till it starts to leak out and put the plug back in. Hope this ...

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