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Question about PDM-0732 Portable DVD Player

1 Answer dvd All of a sudden today went to put a dvd in and it keeps saying no disc and wont even spin. everything else when i go through menus is fine just wont read or spin any discs? I just solved my ...


Polaroid Model pdm 2727 2 7inch Wal Mart Purchase $185.00 (HELP PLEASE) player reads bad disc and after cleaning reads no disc unit is 12 months old and has been used approxiamately once a month for ...


Question about PDM-0714 Portable DVD Player

1 Answer

DVD player cannot not read My portable Polaroid DVD player cannot not read the disk. Have tried all troubleshooting provided by Polaroid but still won't work. Is there a way I can download information

Question about FLM-2011 Television

1 Answer

DVD player wnt read DVD's Our DVD player won't read DVD's but it'll read a memory card. We trued putting in different movies but it still won't read them. bad dvd mech

Question about FLM-3734B 37 in. LCD HDTV

1 Answer DVD player When I first bought this tv it wouldn't read my dvd player. So, I watched dvds on my computer for a while. Then I moved and hooked it up and it worked. Now, it has stopped working ...

Question about Portable DVD Player PDM-0722

1 Answer

all discs won't play and reads out "bad disc" try cleaning the lazer of the device.. are they copies that the device cant read I.E burn to fast harder to read burn at 2x easier to read.

Question about PDM-0742 Portable DVD Player

1 Answer

...dvd cannot read the disc Dear Sir The dvd cannot read the dvd disc. Regards One of the problems with many DVD players is as they get older the spindle motor is unable to overcome the inertia of the ...

Question about Portable DVD Player PDM-0822BD

1 Answer

it keeps reading "bad disk" If your system continues to read bad disk each time,pls check if the disk is new,if not,I think it needs a change of lens or better still buy a new one

...DVD disc and detecting it.U have some machanical stills,take the tv aparts.Take some Q tips dip it in rubbing alchahol clean the laser eye len.The tv DVD drive will detect and read ur DVD disc in the DVD drive DVD player keeps making noise that its reading DVD, but nothing is in the DVD player. When DVD is in the drive it doesn't read DVD's Its loading mechanism has the fault. Check

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