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differance between nissan largo and nissan serena engine the head gasket has gone on my largo but have no manuel for it. is there a differance between the largo and the serena engine so i can use the ...


Question about 2006 Sentra

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I cannot open my driver seat door Due to my passenger opening the rear door before I could centrally unlook my doors, the locking latch may have drop out. How do I repir this minor defect as I need ...


Question about 2002 Sentra

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dies while driving no start no injector pulse If the engine stalling occur when the engine is hot the most probable cause is a vapor lock, this is when gas boils before it reach the engine, when the ...

whats the timing for the nissan sr20 motor in my 96 serena van.. cheers weetbix GA16DE and SR20DE Engines 1. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature. 2. Run the engine at ...

engine sensor data , i would check the sensor parameters . most noteably the coolant temp an IAT - intake air temp. after sitting over night these should be very close. Reading Performance Information

my 1984 nissan sentra wont start it seems like its... My 1984 nissan sentra wont start it seems like its strving for fuel there is gas flow all the way up to the carb when i hook the line to the carb ...

Question about 2003 Sentra

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...engine running (KOER). A concern is present if the FLI PID is at 25% fill and the FLI V PID is less than 0.90 volt with a non-matching fuel gauge or the FLI PID is at 75% fill and the FLI V PID is ...

I BOUGHT A NISSAN SENTRA WITH THE ENGINE OUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I CAN BUY TO SHOW PIC SO I CAN INSTALL THE ENGINE is a good site to go to to get detailed information servicing automobiles

Question about 1996 Sentra

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...up for you. You can buy the one you need here: ...

engine oil and install the new fuel injector by reversing the removal procedure. Use a torque wrench to tighten the fuel rail mounting bolts in two stages. First, torque the bolts to between 84 and 96

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