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Question about 2001 Explorer Sport Trac

2 Answers

...buzzing noise when I press on the power windows but the window does not go up. My brother says it might be the motor Sounds like a motor, or a s stuck mechanism. Either way the door panel must come ...


Question about 1992 Rodeo

1 Answer

...buzzing sound is probably your relay. It is in your fuse panel and it is what controls how fast your blinkers flash. It is usually a round plastic thing in the fuse panel. and you replace it just as ...


...buzzing out loud. This problem occurred after I removed the door panel to attempt fix of driver's side window which would not go up. Somehow, after I put the panel back together after the attempt ...

Question about 2003 Impala

2 Answers

panel switch, the fuse on the driver side and they still will not go down, when I press the driver side switch you can hear a buzzing sound, but none of the windows will roll down. Why wont they work?

Question about 2004 Impala

1 Answer

...the mechanism inside the door may have come apart from the motor,you will have to take the door panel off & see where the problem is......hope this

Question about 2004 Rainier

2 Answers

...panel that could cause a buzzing A common problem when a battery is re-connected for any reason on our platform is for the HVAC actuators to blow. Are all of your air vents blowing air, including ...

Horn is not blowing, but I can hear a low buzzing noise from the passenger side near glove compartment Probably a relay burning out Pull the panel, locate the buzzing source and replace it.

...buzzing or humming sound. (not normal) I had the dealership install a dash panel that a lot of cars have that covers that hole underneath the glovebox where the blower motor is....sound is now ...

buzzing sound. either way if it happens again, look for a battery light to be on on your dash panel. if so this indicate your alternator is NOT charging and needs to be replaced. as a one time ordeal,

...chime or buzz reminding me that the lights are on. the relay has failed. it is under the rhf facia panel. it has a small grille on it as i

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