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Question about LaserJet IIp plus Printer

1 Answer

...the second page comes out. This continues with some 20 or so extra blank pages. Try and download the latest driver software from and install it. This is what it sound like to me, good ...


Question about LaserJet 1200 Printer

1 Answer About a week ago, my printer HP 1200 started printing blank pages every time I send job to it. I did self test and engine test, still gives blank pages. Pls what could be wrong with it. Thanks ...


Question about LaserJet 1020 Printer

1 Answer

manual. Check out page 117 for repetative defects.,%201022n%20(Q5913A),%201022nw%20(Q5914A)%20P.pdf Hope that helps you

Question about LaserJet 1020 Printer

1 Answer 117 to get a complete list on repetative defects and their causes. ...

page (error #20)-prints non web sourc cannot print page from weg page. error #20. yet I can print all other documents from non web pages Hi scebulko: Error code #20 means that the printer has received

...the display on the printer will show processing job 1 of 20. It waits say 5 minutes prints 20 more pages and down the line till its out of paper. I have even unplugged parallel port from the printer ...

Question about LaserJet 4250n Printer

1 Answer Not every 10-20. Has anyone seen this before and is it fixable? I'm fairly decent with this stuff but this is just a strange issue to me. As this is fairly cyclic in nature, albeit, 1 in 20 ...

Question about LaserJet 3015 All-In-One Printer

1 Answer

...20 pages, it stops printing on about page 16 and only prints a partial page. Then it is locked up and I get a error message. Turning it off doesn't reset it. I have to complete shut my computer down ...

...20, every other page the text is moved down. If I print pages singularly, say, page 1 and then page 2, et cetera, it is fine. If is a HP LaserJet III printer. Well, the main problem is it's OLD!! I ...

to a non standard size.   You should have the document file page setup for standard is   Letter size, 8.5 x11" and 20lb paper or 20 book wieght paper.   I hope that works

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