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Question about 2003 Outlander

1 Answer

...door won't open key ulocks door, power locks are functioning but interior and exterior handles wont unlatch door to open...cant get inside door panel off to diagnose problem cuz door is in closed ...


...door unable to lock or open using the remote - 2002 Galant Hi, I hope you can help me. I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant and all the doors can open and close using the Remote except for the driver's ...


Question about 2003 Diamante

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...door is open) No they are not JUST reflectors, They have a light inside them and it turns on when you open the door, and yes there is another one on the buttom of the door too, if you want to replace ...

door won't open lock on door will go up and down when electric lock button is pressed, the door wiil not open from inside or out side the car. i need to take the door panel off to see what part became

...door wont open from outside. Its almost like the heaviness from the door is effecting the door jam. Reading between the lines I think you are saying the handle works fine to disengage the latch but ...

driver's side door opening will not turn on dome light. other doors opening will turn on dome light. key in ignition bell does not work when driver's door is open Probably the door switch worn out

Question about 2002 Lancer

1 Answer

...door to open so i can put gas in it. What do I do? I do not believe you have access to the mechanism inside the back of the car to operate it from the back seat or the trunk. I believe the access to ... all door on the car but it will lock them. i have replaced the module but this has not altered the issue. when you unlock the car you hear a relay open but only the door that the key is used in ...

...door, can open a little to get in and out but makes a clonk noise when closing Check you hinges and make sure one is not broken. Sounds like it is. Compare your drivers door to the passenger door to ... the back door the headlight reminder doesn't turn on when I open the front door, but it does turn on when I open the back door. Bad sencors where the door jams are check the wiring to all of the ...

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