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dead battery. how do i open the hatch There is a positive post under the hood. Hook a charger up there ground it to the engine this should give you enough power to open the hatch I have a dead battery


Question about 2008 Hhr

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Rear door won't stay shut Turning a corner rear door flew open can't get it to stay shut, had to bunge it.Tried slaming it still won't close. Local dealer wants $50.00 just to look at it. Out of ...


...under the hood or the fender IT IS in the back under the plastic cover that covers the spare tire. Open your tailgate, lift the cover that hides your spare tire. The battery is between the spare

How do I open the gas tank door on the Chevy HHR... How do I open the gas tank door on the Chevy hhr There is no inside release on the HHR. Simply press in on the rear of the gas fill door and it will

Question about 2006 HHR

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code p0128 This fault code indicates the thermostat has failed open. Do you have a temperature gage in the car? If yes, is it showing colder than normal? If yes, recommend removing the thermostat to ...

Question about 2006 HHR

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my 2006 hhr passenger door doesn't work . both handles will not open the door. I have pulled the passenger seat and the door panel and tried to open the lock manualy and it still won't open? Lost with

my passenger side door stopped opening on me last night... the door locks and unlocks but will not open from inside or outside. you have to open the door panel from the inside and see if the rivets ...

06 hhr hatch won't open. with key fob or by pushing membrane outside emergency button inside panel to open hatch, how can i get it open?? there is a releas hatch on get into the trunk ...

how to check transmission fluid Checking the Transmission Fluid It is important to check the fluid level only after the fluid has circulated throughout the transmission by shifting through the gears. ...

My 2006 Chev HHR LT when I got to open a gate and returned back to drove a short distance to park. I turned off engine grabbed hold of door handle and there was no resistance to handle. The door would

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