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Question about iMac G4 Desktop

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Music files. How can I send an audio file as an email attachment and how does the one that receives it open it. First you should compress the file, most email clients like yahoo and gmail have a file ...


I AM TRYING TO PLAY A MUSIC CD BUT MY MAC WON'T ACCEPT ANY IXC I TRY TO POP IN I'm trying to play a music cd but my imac (osx ver 10.6.5) simply wont accept any disc I try to put in the slot Wooo-Hooo


Question about iMac G4 20" Mac Desktop

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I downloaded aoldesktop for mac and installed it. When I tried to make it my home page on safari and open safari I get server cannot be found. Help hollis You don't use the AOLdesktop app. To use AOL ...

i have a new imac running os x 10.6.1. my internet connection seems fine, but certain pages dont load and others run very slowly. any help would be much appriciated You can try using a different web ...

how to access info on memory stick..what do i press etc. on the imac this is the manual to check the inside of ...

how can i put music on my naxa mnv173 from my mac osx 10.5 .8 i dont know how to put music on my naxa mp3 from my mac Go to this website and find your model. There you can download the owner's manual.

Where is my url bar at the top of My Excite home page? My Excite home page used to have a url bar at the top. It's not there anymore. How can I get it back?

Question about iMac G5 Desktop

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imac how to use a imac g5 desktop user manuel Just open this URL and read the directions. Step 1. Open it. Step 2. Read in the ...

URL OF THE MUSIC FOR YOU TUBE AND WHERE? Click on the share item below the Subscriptions left-below the playing screen This should reveal the url of the playing video. The url is shown below the share

Question about iMac Z0GF0005F Desktop

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...reads When a cd is inserted, click it and change it to Import cd. Now every time you insert a cd (music) it will import the music to ...

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