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Question about 1996 Prelude

1 Answer

kitparts whats kitpart are to be replace if changging timing belt , my engine honda H22 V-TEC Check the sproket on the camshaft for broken links and the gears on the crankshaft. if all this look good,


what would cause my timing belt to rub? i have a 98 prelude h22 motor worn pulley or outbalanced shaft.


I have a 1998 honda prelude h22 vetc automatic with 178K the motor runs fine but the transmisson when i put it in reverse i knocks the it will do fine threw first kinda slip in second and then not go ...

i have a 92 prelude si that i have recently swapped a h22 in. do i need to get a h22 wiring harness or use the stock one. when cranking the car it seems like the injectors are in use and causing the ...

Question about 1992 Prelude

1 Answer

...the worst motors in the world! i know, your rod bearing blew, I KNOW! ive donr 30 of them. Buy an h22 swap for your car... or just the motor.. everything bolts up the same...then if you wan the ...

Question about 1994 Prelude

1 Answer

h22 lag until 5k rpm no power, lagging until 5,000 rpm Check fuel pressure, check camshaft belt, check for engine misfire, run fault code check by following instructions HERE

Question about 1990 Prelude

1 Answer

checked the compression again now none of the cylinders have any??? what would cause this? if is a H22a4 or h22 motor, u need to get the timing marks lined up then put the belt on, make shure it is a

...This is a cheap alternative as f series transmissions from the accord can bolt up to the h22 and can be found cheap at the expense of higher gear ratios. I guess these people don't read ...

Question about 1998 Prelude

1 Answer

honda h22 5 speed I have a Honda prlude and after it gets warmed up and driving down the road it trys to just quit running and if I down shift it will try to take back off but it will do it again ...

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