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brake light fuse out, not sure where that fuse is located in fuse box need a fuse box diagram Take the cover off your fuse box and look inside the cover. There should be a diagram telling you what ...


is there a fuse for the windsheild washer pump The fuse located inside the car on the driver's side. I believe it should be Fuse #13 Hi yes there is the same one used for the wiper motor located in ...


...where the fuse located Yes they are fused and the fuse is under the dashboard in the box. If all fuses are fine, I would check the wiper motor as they do burn after some years.Also connection

Question about 1993 Protege

1 Answer

my fuses keep popping any ideas? my one fuse keep popping any ideas? You have not supplied sufficient information so here is one possibility. If you replace a fuse you must use one that is the correct

Question about 1996 Protege

1 Answer

cigarette lighter fuse the fuse box only has the numbers, and i dont know which fuse is the cigarette lighter fuse what cooresponds with the numbers is on the back of the cover of the fuse box you ... a fuse box under the hood,check the inside of the fuse box cover there may be a diagram of the fuses there to tell you what the fuses are for, you may also have another small fuse box under the ...

Question about 2002 Protege

1 Answer

...manual, it will be labeled in there. If you don't have either one of those, I would start pulling fuses until you found which one is blown. Walmart sells an amazing fuse tester that you just touch ...

Question about 1997 Protege

1 Answer

fan fuse blown? The A/C hasn't worked in years, but when the A/C button gets bumped to the ON position the fuse for my heater blows out. I looked at the CHILTON manual, but I'm no good

...the radio to replace the fuse Radio's sometimes have two lives going into them so check for two fuses on power lines going into it, Also check ALL fuses under bonnet and passenger fuse box.. Log ...

What is the difference between a ATC fuse and a ATM fuse ? ATC Fuse ATC fuses were created before ATM fuses. An ATC fuse will be larger than an ATM fuse in physical size. This is considered to be the ...

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