Questions & Answers for: Vivitar ViviCam eraser battery


Question about ViviCam 3705 Digital Camera

5 Answers

...eraser on a pencil if needed) I bought rechargable batteries for mine. works perfect now and lasts. Try alkaline batteries. I had the same problem. you should try to change the type of battery in the ...


Question about ViviCam 55 Digital Camera

2 Answers

vivitar vivicam 55 Lost directions. Having trouble deleting pictures. How do I do it. there seems to be no way to delete pictures Will see if I can dig something up for you on this. May take a day or ...


Question about ViviCam 5385 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...eraser bits left inside after you are done cleaning. Clean the contacts on the battery compartment door the same way. Hope this helps. It fixed my vivitar 5385 that would not turn on, and had the ...

Question about ViviCam V15 Digital Camera

3 Answers

Vivicam V15 software not compatible with my iMac OSX 10.5.8, even though the pkg says it is compatible with iMac's with intel. Tech support is a laugh, thick accent, and kept hanging up on me. This ...

Question about ViviCam 5386 Digital Camera

2 Answers

why is the battery life so short If it's still on the original battery then it will now be about four years old (regardless of when you actually purchased the camera). Rechargeable batteries don't ...

Question about ViviCam 8025 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...eraser, and see if that fixes it. The next suspicious thing would be a bad battery (they do go bad, and when a cell internally shorts, the battery will not charge). Going back to the step where you ...

Question about ViviCam 25 Digital Camera

1 Answer

My daughter got this cheap Vivitar Vivicam25 digital camera. Problem is it did not come with a disc. I've downloaded 2 drivers and neither one work. I cannot get the pics from the stupid thing onto my

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