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Question about 1986 Cherokee

3 Answers

tow capacity i can not find anything on he net anywhere that will tell me what my 1986 jeep cherokee pioneer with the 2.8l v6 auto will tow I am going to put a receiver hitch on it and want to know ...


Question about 2001 Cherokee

1 Answer

Poor grip in wet conditions Hi I have a JEEP cherokee 2002 KJ limited 3.7 model. When in two wheel drive the car fishtails in wet conditions. Should I always be in four wheel drive part time in wet ...


what weight oil does a 96 jeep cherokee use what grade oil does a 96 jeep cherokee use The weight of engine oil is dependant on the climate you are in. When you go to the parts store or where ever you

Question about 2002 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...drum. That end of the cable is supposed to be square shaped. When the corners get worn out due to normal wear & tear, it starts slipping. This results in a very jumpy display of the indicator in ...

how do you turn the passenger air bags on in a 2006 Jeep commander? it's weight activated. I believe anything over 25? pounds will turn it on - you should see the light go off once something of that ...

Question about 2000 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

Should You use Straight 40 weight oil instead of 10w 30 ? or is this guy just hididng a problem ? i wouldnt use straight 40 weight, sounds like hes hiding a rod knocing problem from you also... if you

.... Generally, vibrations occurring when you are braking are caused by warped brake rotors or drums (depending on what you have). The problem will get progressively worse the more you use the ...

I have a 2012 Jeep compass with 28, 000kms on it and for the past couple days every time I go over 60km/hr my vehicle starts shaking. All the tires are inflated correctly and equally, the tire rims ha

Question about 2005 Liberty

2 Answers

Gross Vehicle Weight For the 4 cyl model, gross weight is 4798 and curb weight is 3648 lbs. why ask us, we do NOT know what drive line you have, or body type,. be silly to ask web bunnies who are all ...

What is the GCWR rating for a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee? That is the combined weight of car & trailer that it can handle. in the operators guide, and on drivers door jamb. can vary by uSA car or export

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