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...2 years after purchase, now there is a line about 75mm wide going from the top to the bottom of the display blocking out graphics , usually magenta in colour, or rainbow coloured lines. Attach an ...


Question about iMac G5 Desktop

1 Answer

...mirror video. Video mirroring means you can see the same image that is on the iMac G5's flat-panel display on an external monitor, television, or projector. Using the video out port, you can mirror ...


Question about iMac G4 Desktop

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I HAVE A VERTICAL WHITE LINE (1" WIDE") ON MY DISPLAY If it runs all the way from top to bottom, will not go away, and perhaps flickers or vibrates, it is quite possibly a symptom of a faulty LCD ...

...rainblow lines and then turns solid black. The width is about 2 inches wide. HiIt sounds like a display failure.Best way to verify is to try connecting an external display. If that dispaly is

Question about iMac G5 Desktop

1 Answer

I have one blue and one green horizonal lines First you need to find out if the problem is with the display or with the video card. If you connect an external display to the iMac and see the same ...

...language other than english. How do I change the language to english? How to change the Windows 7 Display Language: 1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region / Change the ...

Question about IMAC IMAC CI3306 215 4GB 500GB DVDR

1 Answer sleep for no reason Go into System Prefs, Energy Saver and disable sleep for hard drives and display.  If it still appears your computer is going to sleep, this may be a display problem, ...

dvi adapter and plug it in to te back and turn it m Make sure that in the >System Preferences>Displays you have mirroring turned on then you should be able to a least use your mac. My sister had

stop one mac screen from becoming multiple screens Mirroring displays the same image on each display. Make sure your additional display is properly connected and powered on. From the Apple (?) menu, ...

Question about 24" iMac Desktop

2 Answers

...You can easily enlarge the fonts in iMac: Go to the Application Folder>System Preferences> Display and click on the tab named, "Display"> and click on the bottom scaled. Here, you will

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