Questions & Answers for: Acer Aspire cracked screen

Question about Aspire 5610-4648 Notebook

1 Answer

...screen is cracked but isn't There looks like a crack in the screen, but it has not fallen or had any damage inflicted to it. It seems to be within the screen like a virus? looks like a crack in the ...

...cracked screen...ordered a new one..doesn't work acer 6920g had a cracked screen...ordered a replacement and did the install....get only vertical colored lines...looks the same #'s match...ordered ...

Question about Aspire 3690-2196 Notebook

1 Answer

screen cracked screen is cracked. large black blots over screen obscure view. screen now flickers and is hard to stop flickering. It has to be replaced, it's not repairable.

Question about Aspire One Netbook 8.9" Notebook

1 Answer

Cracked screen. I have a cracked screen and want to replace it myself. this is a utube video showing you how to replace that screen.

Question about Aspire 5100 Notebook

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cracked screen my acer aspire one screen is cracked, I have taken it out and I'm confused about replacing it. The model # is zg5 what size of screen do I need? 8.9? should replace it with any certain ...

...3628AWXi screen is cracked Dear Sir, my Acer Aspire 3680 Laptop/Notebook 80GB 14-WXGA screen is cracked. Please help me. The screen size is 14.1'' You need to buy a replacement. Ebay would be my

Question about Aspire 7720 Notebook

1 Answer fix this if your screen is messed up, than you'll have to replace the screen. Monitors don't need to be cracked to be broken. Luckily, replacement monitors for laptops can be inexpensive

Question about Aspire One PC Notebook

1 Answer

Cracked screen on laptop. Cracked top to bottom. Left half of the screen is colored and no access other half is fine. Hi Ranae, The only option is to change the LCD screen.

Question about Aspire One PC Notebook

1 Answer

screen is cracked the laptop eas dropped and cracked the screen everything else seems to work you can hook it up to the tower and monitor in another room and use the wireless and see everything on the

Question about Aspire AZ1620-UR31P G530 All-In-One Desktop PC w/ 2GB - 500GB

2 Answers

...screen cracked what can I do Better you consult the authorized service center for the repair of the front glass What kind of computer?It's just as expensive normally to fix a cracked screen as it ...

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