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Question about MC50 Portable Terminal

2 Answers Succes! If you have some experience or you are a electronic engineer, you can do that: I open ...


Question about LS2208-1AZU0300S Handheld

2 Answers

...port failed (on all 4 com ports). i tried to install the software on another system, instalation error. help :) Everything you need is came from your system mechanism. The only way to control your ...


Question about LS 4000i Handheld

1 Answer

...port. The scanner beeps when you scan a barcode then it gives several beeps after but nothing scans. Hello, it looks like the scanner lost the settings. As power is there, so connection is ok. The ...

Question about Batch Barcode Scanner P360/460 Memory Scanner

1 Answer

...port on my PC. Hello Jim, the device has a special mode for downloading the project. You would need to go to the menu on the P360, activate the mode and put it to the cradle. You can also scan a ...

Question about MC9090 Barcode Scanner

1 Answer

open File and Delete Mobile Device. If that all fails try re-installing Activesync and the host PC. If you need any more help then please do not hesitate to contact us:- or

...port to USB adapter that I got with a microsoft natural keyboard once. So I know they make them. Here are a few you can get. ...

scan a barcode and the help menu of the program. LS4000i scan a barcode and the help menu of the program opens using a symbol LS4000i hand scanner Disconnect the scanner from the mouse port or ...

Question about CS1504 Handheld Barcode Scanner

1 Answer port for the USB driver You have to look in the device manager. Usually you can get there by right clicking on My Computer then selecting Properties then the Hardware tab and Device Manager. If ...

Question about Batch Barcode Scanner P360/460 Memory Scanner

1 Answer

...COM port is closed. 6. After this we again tried to initialize serial port to receive the data from the scanner but we got an error that ?Port is in use or not found? and we are not able to transmit ... port emulation driver for motorola LS2208 symbol how to get scanned codes through serial port to my vc++ application? pls help You would need to setup the scanner to communicate in ...

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