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driver side turn signal light doesnt light up, you can hear it bl you can hear it blink the hazard lights work and all other turn signals work. only the drivers side doesnt. have replaced light bulbs ...


Question about 2002 Passport

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...light on On our way back from Oklahoma to Dallas, we are at Plano already, when we noticed the blinking check trans and steady check engine lights on Vehicle would need to be scanned to find out ...


I have a 2002 Honda Passport that has been having problem with the blinking check trans and steady check engine light on. We replaced the 02 sensor and the mat or map sensor. This morning the lights ...

When I use my turn signals the hazard light blink. My turn signals don't. you might want to check your rear tail lamps to see if you have wires touching or fused together if so that would create that ...

...that looks like a rolling chasis comes on and blinks when I I push the 4x4 button. It just keeps blinking even when I put it in four wheel low! It doesnt work the front wheels just keeps blinking. ...

Question about 2002 Passport

2 Answers

...the sun. 2002 Honda Passport won't start. Before that I have been having problem with my gas cap. blinking check engine light and when I relock the gas cap it goes

My 2002 Honda Passport won't start. What do you think is the problem? Before that, it has a blinking check engine light on and have to check the fuel cap and have to relock it again, the blining check

...told relay switching is going out... It controls door, windows and horh... NOw blinkers wont stop blinking.... Where is this relay switch located The relay switch is located inside the fuse ... accept the new pump calibration before it will work. My 98 Honda passport gas tank light is blinking while k have a full tank of gas. Anyone know why? Do I need a new

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