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Question about Spacemaker JVM1640SJ Microwave Oven

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ac motor has failed, or the coupling from the motor has come loose. Unplug the main power to the oven. Remove the 5 or 6 screws underneath the oven to remove the access panel to see the small ac motor


...AC line power is correct (110-125VAC) then the fan may be bad, or there may be a problem with the relay on the control board or indeed a bad connection in the wiring. The way I would test it is to ...


Question about JVM1640 Microwave Oven

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...AC motor, the wiring will not matter. Look at the numbers on the motor. You will see a voltage rating, RPM rating and if you see the text "50/60 Hz" it is an AC motor and the wiring will not matter. ...

...lead goes to which lug.Need help please. An AC motor has 2 leads and does not have a polarity. Just conntct the two terminls and reassemble the unit. If nothing else is wrong, it will work fine

Question about JE1460 Microwave Oven

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...motor is 21V/AC and the harness is (1) orange wire on one side and (1) orange wire and (1) white wire on the other. Thanks in advance for the help! If the plug is not keyed and you cant tell from the ...

Question about MH7140XF Microwave Oven

2 Answers snapping the link and refixed in the reverse inserting the guide into the two slots A final check on the motor, is to connect 240v AC and ensure smooth movement. if this fails then replace crossed the turn table, and the motor is 128 ohm as the spec. Would you think what caused,please Thanks In GE / Samsungs that have 21VAC turntable motors and stirrer motors, the 21VAC is supplied ...

Question about JE1860 Microwave Oven

1 Answer

How do you activate the turntable on the whirlpool wmh1163xvo1 Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly, The turntable motor is supposed to run anytime the unit is heating. If it is not turning the turn ...

Question about JE1860 Microwave Oven

1 Answer

...wiring harness between control and motor. If for the rest the oven is functional, then the problem is almost surely the motor. If you need parts or diagrams see this tip explaining how to find parts ...

AC & Heating repair for 20 years so I have all needed meters and tools. Is there a fuse or fuseable link inside. If yes how do I get to it? Also is there a way to get a wiring diagram. GE will not

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