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Logitech r-20 Speakers

Hey mate, I have the exact same problem that andrew36 had with his Logitech R-20 Speakers. I saw you fixed his so i'd be extremely grateful if you could do the same for me.

My harddrive died so I re-installed windows, now everything works fine except for the speakers, i've put up with it for a couple months now, but it's annoying the **** out of me.

You asked him what brand/type of computer he has and all, and i'll give you all the information I can find, if there's anything else you need to know tell me.

Windows XP Home Edition.

I found a book about my motherboard, it says it's
S-Series Ultra Durable Motherboard. 945PL-DS3/S3 (rev.2.0)


Thank you.

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  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    Thanks alot, it's d/ling now.

    Also, while I was waiting for your reply I browsed around looking for drivers to download, and NONE of them would let me d/l, I tried several sites and as soon as I clicked "download now" or whatever, it would instantly send me to a "404 not found" or "this page cannot be displayed".

    If the link you sent me works, which I trust it will :), then it's no problem, just though I'd let you know.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    Ok I did what you said to fix the d/l problem.

    I havnt tested it yet.

    Anyway, the thing just finished downloading, it left me with a desktop icon that looks like a box with 3 books in it.

    Anyway I opened it, and installed it.

    But my speakers still arn't workin.. Am I doing something wrong or did you give me the wrong thing?

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    I rebooted the computer and it goes abit like this.

    First, it shows me a gigabyte screen, but nothing to important, then it flashes up a quick screen that I tried to stop on several times but it was to quick.. Then it showed a black screen with white writing, with some info @ the top and a table looking thing @ the bottom.

    Then it went to window startup.. What do I need to see? I'll restart again now while i'm waiting for your response.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    I GOT IT.

    I paused it on the split second screen, and it said this

    Away Modular BIOS-Intel 945 BIOS for 945PL-S3 FA

    I'm so glad I might actually be getting these fixed, please reply as soon as possible.


  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    It's Rev 2.0, I clicked the middle link, and it took me to a page with 3 tables, 2x Audio options, 1x Chip set options and 2x LAN options, I chose the top Audio option `cause idk what i'm doing.

    It then gave me 5 area options, Asia, China, America, Europe, Russia, Since i'm in Australia and it didn't have that.. I chose America.. and it's downloading now.


    I'm dying for this to work.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    Oh I need to install the first chipset thing aswell? Argh!

    So it wont work untill I D/L that aswell? =/

    And I couldnt seem the find the previous driver in add or remove programs.. So I just deleted the item from my desktop and cleared my trash. :/

    I really hope this works. If not could you just like, remote assist my computer and do it? =/

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 27, 2008

    Mmk well, I downloaded the driver, and the chip set one and installed them both, but what do ya know, it didnt work.

    Still silent.

    Well, I'm going to sleep, get back to me, thanks for your help.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I have no idea how to confirm my CMOS/BIOS

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I went into device manager and there's 4 yellow question marks, I managed to fix two of them, the other two are

    Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus

    the other is

    SM Bus controller

    When I try to upload them two ^ it says "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software"

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I went into CMOS config but I didnt really understand anything and it didn't say anything about audio.

    What do I do now? I have to go away for a couple hours soon, should we do this by email?

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Oh and I right clicked on the yellow question marks but instead of install driver it had "un-install driver" =/

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    A Little Recap.

    The speakers stopped working after I Re-Installed Windows.

    I have a 945PL-S3 Motherboard, you send me the audio driver for that, I downloaded it and extracted it, and the chipset, now it's sitting on my desktop but my speakers arn't working.

    The item is in my device manager, it has the option "un-install" but not install. And when I try to update it it says it can't find the right software.


  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Ok, I disabled Avast. Do I need to un-install the driver, and then install it again?

    Also I tried your Properties > Update driver, same result, "Software cannot be found" or whatever.


  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I downloaded the generic driver. Still no results.

    Then I deleted the original driver you sent me, the chipset and the generic driver, and cleared my trash.

    Should I try download the generic driver again? Since I got rid of the old driver, or what?

    Also, automatic updates was not checked, but I checked it just now and set it for 8pm (48 minutes away).

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I tried updating the driver again, still "Software cannot be found."

    Is there anything else we can try?

    Or am I just going to have to buy new speakers.. =/

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    So now I can't even buy my way out of this? ******* hell.

    I have one CD, it says:

    MSI Multimedia
    Beyond 3d

    The it has a logo
    "MSI DRIVERS&Utilities"
    Game with MSI!

    I know it says drivers, but I think this is my graphics card CD or something.

    Your the pro, though.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    I cannot believe how long this is taking..

    It's taken me months to fix this.

    If I worked all the hours that I spent trying to fix this stupid problem, i'd be able to buy a new computer, lol.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Ok I un-installed the yellow-question marked Sound Device.

    Also, in device manager there is a group of 5 audio items,
    Audio Codecs
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Video Capture Devices
    Media Control Devices
    Video codecs

    But I doubt they are what you were talking about when you told me to uninstall all audio devices - just checking.

    Back to topic, I don't know if i've updated my windows to Sp2 or Sp3? I have no idea.

    I'll download the three things you sent me now.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Yeah I got Service Pack 3.

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Just Incase You Need The Info later on, for any reason -

    Windows XP
    Home Edition
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 3

    Genuine Intel(R) CPU
    2140 @ 1.60GHz
    1.61GHz, 1.00GB of RAM
    Physical Address Extension

    Mother Board -
    Gigabyte 945PL-S3

  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008




  • x_damoz_x
    x_damoz_x Aug 28, 2008

    Once again, thank you so much, you're a great guy.

    Do you have an email address I could use if I have another computer issue?

    I send NO spam or other useless junk.

    I will only send you an email to say g'day or if I have a problem.

  • t_nwmn Apr 09, 2009


    i have the same problem, computer got virus. had to reinstall windows, not logitech r20 speakers will not work. please help!!

    we have a dell computer

    windows XP professional

    think the motherboard is this:(?)

    ECS KN1 Extreme / KN1 SLI Extreme / nForce4-A754 / nForce4-A939

    what can i do?


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Appreciate the direct "Ask Me".

It would seem that the documentation where you sourced the info S-Series Ultra Durable Motherboard. 945PL-DS3/S3 (rev.2.0) is intended for a number of different models. From what I can gather, you have a Giga-byte motherboard either a GA-945PL-DS3, GA-945PL-S3 or a GA-945PL-S3E all Rev. 2.0.

Assuming that it is a 945PL-DS3 (rev. 2.0), then the audio driver would be "Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip (Including Microsoft UAA Driver)". Pls verify if it were so.

Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards. Thank you for using FixYa.

Posted on Aug 27, 2008

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  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 27, 2008

    Hi again,

    Appreciate the update.

    Your other concern, looks like more of an issue with your browser/settings. If you are using IE, pls goto Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab/verify that Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections is checked/enabled.

    Alternately, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, pls goto Tools/Options/Advanced tab/Network tab/Settings button. Do try ticking either Direct connection to the Internet or Auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

    If you are behind a router, you may want to try manually configuring your IP address and not Auto Obtain.


  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 27, 2008

    If the motherboard is a Giga-byte 945PL-DS3 (rev. 2.0), then that would be the correct driver. As initially requested, did you verify if it were 945PL-DS3 (rev. 2.0)? One way to do this, pls reboot the PC and on the POST before Windows, press on "Pause" on the keyboard, the screen display will pause and the motherboard specifications would be displayed left side near the top. If it is not a DS3, do post back what is displayed. To continue booting, press ESC.

    Additionally, you can try verifying if the install went correctly by going into your Device manager and checking the Sound Devices, there should be no yellow or red marks.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 27, 2008

    At the rate you are going I might be out of a job pretty soon. Welcome to the tech's world.

    Back to your concern. Based on your post, the motherboard is a GA-945PL-S3 FA, what version/revision pls?

    Clicking on the correct model above would bring you to the driver download page. Incidentally, the above models were in this link models.

    If I may add, it may be to your advantage if:

    • before installing the correct driver, uninstall the previous by going to your Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs;

    • Reboot and verify that the previous is no longer installed by going to your Device Manager/View/click on Show Hidden Devices;

    • Uninstall if still present;

    • Download Motherboard Chipset and Audio driver;

    • Install first the Chipset driver;

    • Install the Audio Driver;

    • There are instances where the antivirus must be temporarily disabled/deactivated prior to install;

    • There are instances where other security/protection software such as Ad-Aware/Ad-Watch must be temporarily disabled/deactivated prior to install;

    • There are instances where Windows Firewall must be temporarily disabled/deactivated prior to install;

    • After install, verify correctness by looking over Device Manager to check for yellow or red markings.
    Good luck again.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 27, 2008

    Doing just fine, pls remember to download likewise and install first the Chipset drivers as well as the other pointers previously posted.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    Copy your last postback, nogo.

    Pls confirm on the CMOS/BIOS configuration that the Sound Device is enabled.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    Hi again,

    remember how you paused during POST to view the model number? Same procedure but instead of "Pause" press on "DEL" to enter CMOS/BIOS Configuration.

    Additionally, on the two Yellow Marks in the Device manager, pls try right clicking and then left click on "Install Driver". the idea is to instruct your PC to search for, download and install automatically appropriate drivers from the Internet (Microsoft). A bit slow but less troublesome.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    On the two yellow marked devices, pls try:

    • right click and then left click on Properties;

    • On next Window, click on Driver tab;

    • perhaps now you can "Update Driver";

    • on next window, choose first, Windows to connect to Windows Update;

    • click on Install software automatically.
    Alternately, you can try using a generic driver here.

    Based on the posted results, I am inclined to think that it is now a matter of motherboard driver (Intel Chipset) rather than the sound devices driver.

    Have you disabled your antivirus when installing both the motherboard (Intel) chipset and the audio/sound drivers?

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    yes pls, uninstall the old driver(s) before re-installing back with the antivirus off.

    On the software cannot be found, is the Automatic Update checked in your System Properties?

    Alternately if all else fails, you want to try the generic driver?

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    Appreciate your patience.

    Since you have just checked the automatic downloads, you can now try again the Update/Install of software where earlier the PC responds with "Software cannot be found".

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    I do not think buying new speakers would solve the issue. The problem is that the audio device of your motherboard does not seem to be working.

    By chance do you still have the original CD that came with the motherboard or PC when it was new?

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    I have to agree with you that it would be your video car/graphics drivers.

    Have you updated your Windows to SP2 or 3?

    Let us start clean and fresh again, go to Device Manager and uninstall all the sound devices.

    Back to my thinking that it is more of a chipset problem:
    Pls confirm chipset by downloading, installing and running "Intel® Chipset Identification Utility";
    Pls download and install/run "Intel® INF Update Utility";
    Pls download and install/run "Realtek ALC888 HD Audio 2.02".

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    Yup, you are right, the:

    • Audio Codecs

    • Legacy Audio Drivers

    • Legacy Video Capture Devices

    • Media Control Devices

    • Video codecs
    are all windows installed and not by the sound device. You will be safe uninstalling all the yellow marks only.

    To find out what SP#, right click on My Computer, left click on Properties, it would be displayed in the General tab under System. It would have something like:
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Professional or Home
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    Glad to be of assistance and appreciate the rating too.

  • Louie  Role
    Louie Role Aug 28, 2008

    I would want that very much, however, site regulations limits how we can communicate. If I may suggest, click on the "Ask Me" button below my pic and that would ensure that your message would reach me direct.


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Hi again,

To your new concern:
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Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards. Thank you for using FixYa.

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