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System Restart regularly

Not only when Play games every time with high graphics
while watching movies,internet browsing,installation

(replaced all memory ,Motherboard ,SMBS HDISK)
(Replaced OS : XP (2 versions) WIN 2003

a blue screen with different error nos in each time
like some others

and some general message like
please remove any newly installed hardware or drive
disable memory setting like hadowing etc....

no such hardware installed in my system
also my fresh installed OS also restarts even at installation time

ASUS A8N32-SLI deluxe... I 'think' this is a BIOS settings issue. After 2.5 years, system will suddenly not boot Win XP Pro. Powerblip or something, even tho on a APC Backup.

Tried several times to reinstall Win XP Pro with full format and RAID1. New PS (PCP&C 650) and single vid card, AMD 4000+ SanDiego CPU, and 2 GB of Corsair 3500 LLP Pro (with lights), pair of WD320 GB HDD's.

All goes perfect.... full format of HDD's, install all files and RAIDdrivers, enter name, Win Product Code, etc. It "POSTS" fine, seesthe RAID - Healthy, then a Win 'splash screen', and IT POWERS DOWN andreboots.... aarrgghh.

Any ideas?

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  • philh12 Aug 23, 2008

    OK, found the plug for the Vid card, and it's "in". I 'always'
    try to put things on different rails. Will try again.... boot? or
    full install? and let you know.

    Thanks! Phil

  • philh12 Aug 23, 2008

    Thanks for the 'don't beat yourself up'.

    I do anyway, as I built this PC 2 years ago... she's my Baby!

    (Don't tell anyone, but I'm thinking of upgrading to X2) ;-)

    The Hdd's are 7200's, no exotic stuff around here, but are RAID
    1. They show as 'healthy' on POST... all is well, RAID 1 and sees
    a 'healthy' Disk

    THEN the 'sh$t" starts, with the reboot, that I didn't call for, it 'stops' and reboots.

    What the hey????

    Best, Phil

  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    I have a 'great' boot'... new install, full format of the RAID 1 HDD's
    ...All is seen as Healthy...Full POST, and all looks Great, up until
    the 'Windows Splash Screen'. Then, all goes to He 'double

    It's at that point that it 're-boots'.

    This is killin' me.... but not critical, since May. This is coming from my wife's PC.



  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    I found one... a 3X2 plug, that is. Need to try that too. I
    'really' seem to think that this is A8N32-SLI Deluxe bios stuff.

    Like, if I turn 'this' Off or On, it'll work. Right now SLI is
    'on' at 16X16. With 1 vid card, maybe set that to something

    Man, I just need to know what that "BIOS" setting is... this PC has worked, before!

    Then again,don't tell my wife, but may have to to rip the guts out, and reinstall ...



  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    Please Don't!!

    Still not 'there' yet. This is a BIOS Issue, I think. Thanks!!!

    (It doesn't work yet)

    the BIOS is up on my screen... what do I set now????



  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    I 'think' that is a bios' Issue, rather than hardware. This 'thing' ran fine until a power Blip.

    Still doing a 'reinstall', with not much Hope for WinXP to
    'boot'. What I need, is BIOS advice for this MB.
    Thanks!!! Phil

  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    Nothing, so far. I am getting 'burnt out' by all of this.... and
    it's like 11:00! That''s the 'Ol' Man in me ... early to Bed, and
    early to Rise... I "Still" think that it's a BIOS setting.

    I got it 'right'... 2.5 years ago, when this was a Screamer. Now, I can't remember what I did.. Thanks!!!

  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    I am 'not' a geek... NO OFFENSE! :-) (I wish I were)

    I built this PC about 2.5 years ago.... and the 1 before that (this 1, that still works ;-)

    All was 'fine' until 1 day, it wouldn't boot Win XP Pro. All goes
    Fine, until it tries to 'Boot'. I get a 'Windows splash screen',
    and then it re-boots.

    I have tried booting to the CD, and go to Repair... FIXBOOT and FIXMBR don't seem to help.

    HELP! Thanks! Phil

  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    OK, I've 'slept on it'. ;-)

    I found a 3X2 plug that fit the video card, so that's now OK.
    This whole opportunity started after a 'power blip', when it wouldn't
    boot. The whole install goes fine, including Full Format of the
    HDD's. I decided up front that I could 'lose' everything, so this
    RAID array has been formatted at least 3 or 4 times. At POST, it
    shows the array as "Healthy", so don't think that the HDD's are a
    problem. Will be back to installing SP2, all of my software, etc,
    ONCE I get this thing past the "Win Splash Screen" without a
    re-boot. :-)

    I never put more than 1 component on a rail, but look for another rail
    with the correct plug. In a few minutes, I'll try the whole
    sequence again, starting with a visit to the BIOS.

    Will let you know.



  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    Just an 'add-on' note.... Connecting the PS rail to the vid card is
    'after' the problem arose. I had missed that plug, when I swapped
    MB's and Power Supply. Thus, I don't expect too much different,
    but power to the card should certainly 'help'. :-D

    Will clear CMOS with the jumper on the MB (unplug, pull battery, set
    jumper, then replace battery and jumper), then go through the whole
    sequence again.

    I'm starting to memorize my Win Product Code! (and that ain't good) ;-)



  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    Still haven't done a 're-boot', but thinking about it all the
    time. What the 'hay'? This thing had 'opportunities' before
    I swapped MB's, and that's where I forgot the plug to the Vid
    card. It's fine now.

    Will go try now, and hoping for the best!


  • philh12 Aug 24, 2008

    All PS rails look good. I 'never' put 2 components on the same rail.. ;-)

    Have just done the CMOS clear with jumper and battery and power
    unplugged, but it's looking like it's the 'same'... got to get back to

    I built this thing 2.5 years ago, and it's ran fine until now... Well
    May, and remember having 'opportunities' getting started, but nothing
    like this!

    I swear that it's a BIOS setting that I need to Change... somewhere ... somehow.

    Looking at them now, and all looks Good.

    Life shouldn't be this difficult. ;-)



  • philh12 Aug 25, 2008

    Back at it. I found this website with pic's of the BIOS.
    The exact MB and CPU. Set mine up the same, and it is now in 'Win
    Install' and full format of the HDD's. NTFS. Maybe it'll
    work? Fingers crossed.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers May 11, 2010

    You sound pretty savy to PC terminology and hardware aware so let me know if I loose you in this reply.

    PC Power and Cooling makes great reliable power supplies. And, a 650 Watt PS should be sufficient to run your hardware. However, this doesn't mean that a bad PS doesn't get out into use from time to time. After you built your system was this rebooting something that arouse right away or after many months or a few years?

    When you replaced your power supply did you register it with PC Power and Cooling for warranty purposes?

    Your symptoms point to a power supply problem. Still, I have seen this happen when you have too many hardware items on the same 12volt rail. Your power supply should have several 12/5 volt power legs. Does the Molex connector that attaches to yoiur video card exist on its own independent rail or is this rail also servicing other devices besides the video card. Then, do you have one leg powering each DVD/CD drive, assuming you have two. And how many hard drives do you have in your raid array? Are these hard drives SATA and are any of these 10,000 RPM drives? I wouldn't have more than two drives on any power rail and if these are high speed, such as WD Raptors I would have each drive on its own rail.

    Did I cover everything? Let me know about your power supply array and provide me with answers to most if not all of these questions. Or, if I lost you in the narrative let me know specifically.




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Sounds like you have all the good habits. And, don't beat yourself up over missing the plug for the video card. When I build a system, there is something I always have to adjust before its just the way I want it.

I am curious as to the hard drives in your array. Are they just 7200s and do you have just two in your array?

One of the few good things about Windows, is you can boot up with the CD as if to reinstall, include the driver disk for your raid controller and when Windows Install alerts you to the fact that Windows is already installed you have two options: fresh install or repair. I always choose Repair , even though you are still required to enter the product key. The Repair routine is really pretty good at fixing installation issues if there is any doubt.

Don't forget, and I'm sure you know this, to install the display drivers first, reboot, then install the network drivers, reboot, then you can install drivers in any other order you want. And, should you have add in cards, like a Creative sound card or any other peripheral card, install these later one at a time. Don't populate your machine with everything upon first install of Windows or even an installation repair.


Posted on Aug 23, 2008

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 23, 2008

    After POST do you see the raid controller initialization notice with an F10 option to change or access boot options with your raid array?

    Do you have a copy of Hiren's Boot CD? Or, if not are you aware of how to get a hold of a copy using special web sites on the Internet?

    Sorry, can't be more specific than that due to legal reasons with FixYa.

    Hiren's or a Bart PE with tools to run tests on your hard drive array and examine your MBRs.

    I wonder if your boot.ini is corrupted. I'd suggetst you also boot from the Windows CD and choose Repair Console, you may be prompted for a floppy with your raid drivers for this too. Once in the Command window type Help and you'll see the commands available. One is FixBoot or something similar to that. This would be the area to concentrate on. However, running the installation CD as a new install and choosing Repair when prompted is the quickest way to get around this bush and put you back in business. As a tech working out in the field, this routines saves a lot of time trying to figure out what to fix and just get it repaired and over with.

    I have a X2 5200 with a meg on each core of cache and x64 Windows with a Raptor holding my OS and all other folders are on my large discs; my docs, etc. This way my stuff is separate from my OS should I loose the C drive. I have a backup image on my backup hard drive too. I have all this in an Antec Sonata Case with a True Power 500 PS. then I have a pair of LiteOn DVD writers on the primary IDE channel and a 2 1/2" adapter on the secondary where I backup notebook hard drives before I work on the laptop systems. This is really convenient for upgrading hard drive for laptop customers as I can image the entire disk and then write that image to the new hard drive and have them on their way the same day.

    So, I'd do the Repair option with your Windows CD so long as your raid controller is lighting up your display before the machine reboots as this would indicate a problem with your OS boot sector. You can fix this as I said with the command console or just do the repair installation option.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    Looks like you will have to reinstall Windows and choose the Repair option. This should solve your problem.

    Please take this note, we always stick with a problem until you are fixed, nothing less will suffice and all of us hate the treaded Thanks for Trying or even the Helpful rating as this means we gave up on a problem and most of us at the Guru level don't settle for anything less.

    So, if you're going to rate this issue I'd appreciate the Fixed rating and I'll be here for you if you need to return to the board for feedback on this issue.
    You can find my profile at this link which I suggest you navigate to and then bookmark it for use later. I take requests. If your problem should fall outside of my area of expertise I know of a good problem solver for just about everything here from Refrigerators to TVs.

    My Profile page:

    Thanks for the Fixed in advanced, but keep me informed so we can pick this up later as needed.

    One of the reasons for asking for this is that we get kiddie koders on this site on weekends when staff are away and they look for unrated recent problems and slam Inappropriates on the problem, so your rating locks that and keeps these kiddie koders from changing anything.

    Have a nice weekend,

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    Yes, if you have only one PCIe card inside and your bios is set to SLI then turn that off, since this would confuse Windows when the BIOS hands off the hardware to Windows because the BiOS want to do one thing but Windows doesn't find the two cards that are supposed to be in SLI.

    Also, attach power to the PCIe card as it is required to function properly.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    Also, turn off Spread Spectrum for the PCIe and anything else that has the feature. That feature is notorious for causing problems and doesn't add much to your hardware functions.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    Change your display adapter so its not in SLI mode and then turn off Spread Spectrum for your video card as well as the Memory.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    I built a PC with the same MB and only one PCIe card in it.

    So long as you don't put it in SLI mode and turn off Spread Spectrum, you can use the legend at the bottom of your bios screen to Load Setup Defaults. Then, double check your raid settings are right, that SLI is in single mode and turn off Spread Spectrum.

    You could look for and check that you have the latest bios version installed. But, honestly, if you can have Windows go through a full install and finish without any failures and or system hangups there aren't any issues.

    One area of suspect is what you setup in the Bios screens for your raid and what you see when you access the Raid Settings after POST using the F10 key. They should all jive.

    And, there is a lot to be said for the homily "Sleep on it".

    I'll be logged into the board tomorrow and everyday, usually, but often out on jobs as I run my shop from my house.

    You can log back in at any time and find this thread under "My Problems" or "My Issues" I forget what it is for you users. So, as I said before, if you don't give up on it, we won't here.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    With you having said all that and putting that way we always ask what has changed, if anything prior to an issue starting: be it hardware or software. So, in your case, you have to realize that the bios settings don't change they can only be changed by a dead onboard battery or a faulty bios flash.

    In the absence of anything to point at its always the power supply or a component drawing more power than it should. This is why I had asked if all the components were on different power legs. If the only thing that is new and different since you built this is the power supply, then the power supply has to be suspect.

    Having reread your initial post, did the rebooting while playing games, or watching movies start first and then you replaced the power supply?

    Motherboards can get fluky and start to fail with subtle warning signs as well. Doesn't your Asus board have a three year warranty?

    The only other thing that can affect a bios is a virus, but your board has the nvidia feature that has built in circuitry to protect the motherboard at the CPU level.

    Get some sleep and think it over in the morning. I'm on the West Coast, so won't be up and online until well after you and I have a service call to make tomorrow.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    I was thinking through your problem and I have two computers I built at the same time as yours but I used the Deluxe version of the board and an Asus PCIe card but also had two 250s in Raid 1. If they were on my bench and I was going through what you are going through, there would be a point where I'd have to leave them be for awhile until an answer comes to me. And many times when struggling with a hard problem the answer does come to me in the morning.

    But, one of the things I would do to rule in or out certain hardware elements is backup the c drive, then I'd take it out of Raid 1 and install the OS on a single drive and see if the problem persists. Then I would also start swapping out parts, the video adapter and user only one DVD drive for CDs that I use to boot into a diagnostic environment and the power supply too. And, I would still encourage you to look for a copy of Hiren's to download and burn. You can run a ton of diagnostic programs across your CPU, Motherboard, Ram and Display adapter to search for weaknesses.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Aug 24, 2008

    You don't have a bootable CD with diagnostic tools, do you, with the exception of course the Windows CD itself?

    I'd check that:
    a. the active partition is the one you want
    b. examine your hardware under a system stress test using PC Check.
    c Using the diagnostic tools built by your hard drive maker. Ist that Seagate?
    d. Put the machine through a burn in test.
    e. Open a Dos File Manager designed for NTFS file systems and read your boot.ini file.

    Is your drive formatted Fat 32 or NTFS?




You may be 'onto something' there, and I'm embarassed!!!! Just looked at the vid card, and don't have the 3X2 connector plugged in. I took a quick look, but didn't see 1 to try to plug in.

I will check the others, and get back with spec's. The PS is brand new, since this 'opportunity' arose, and have also swapped the MB, as I had 2 of the same.

Please reply, so that I can reply back.

Thanks!!! Phil

Posted on Aug 23, 2008


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System Restart regularly

Sounds to me like your power supply may be failing or loose connections.

You don't mention if you're overclocking the CPU. Double-check the BIOS settings to make sure things are set properly.

Another thing to check is if the CPU is overheating. Make sure the heat sink is still firmly attached to the CPU and that the CPU fan is operating.

Dec 07, 2007 | ASUS A8N-VM Motherboard

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