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Error code e000732-001 on a canon ir 8500 what it means

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The error code e000732-001 is a communication error between the Scanner and the main unit. Most of the problems are caused by the interface cable comming lose. Always make sure the unit is powered off before attempting to unplug and replug back in. Look to make sure this cable has not been damaged in anyway. You do not need to go into service mode to clear this error. It will self correct once cable signal is re-established. It is possible to be a bigger problem but as I outlined stick with the simple steps first. Good Luck.

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eo 732 is a reader board error or a bad or missing connector from the scanner to the machine looks like a parrallel connector

Source: ERROR IN IR 8500

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Maurice B Thomas

You can start by downloading this software, a new driver dated April 7, 2009
canon driver for the ir 8500

Source: canon ir 8500 error code 001-010 and E 001-003

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