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What is the proper way to test a drill switch using an electrical tester?

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How do i test a house electrical circuit

Well, sir, that will depend on our level of electrical knowledge.
Several options:
Try this, especially for a novice, is buy a ohm meter/electrical tester at a store and follow the instructions.
These cost in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 dollars at stores like car parts stores, Sears, or Wal-mart.
Another way is to buy an electrical tester that looks like a pencil, made of plastic, that you insert into an electrical outlet, or touch and electrical wire, and it will light up if you have electricity in the wire.
One more piece of information:
Where is or where are the "hot" ( dangerous) wires?
If it is a wall outlet, the smallest of the two parallel straight slots in the outlet should be the "hot" (110volt) wire.
The other is the ground.
If you are testing a dryer outlet, the two side lugs are both 110 volt, and the bottom ( or top ) " L " shaped lug is the ground.
If you have a 4-slot socket, the side lug holes are hot, the top and the bottom ones are ground.
God bless your efforts.

Jun 13, 2016 | Dryers


How to Hot-Wire Test a Cordless Drill Motor

<span><span>The power switch may not be the problem if a cordless drill stops turning on. Sometimes a bad drill motor can prevent the tool from starting, even if the switch is good. </span></span><br /><span><span>To determine the problem, the best method is to remove the switch and then hot-wire the drill motor to the drill's rechargeable battery to test it. If the motor checks out, then it's probably the switch. </span></span><br /><span><span>The steps for testing a drill motor .</span></span><br /><span><span>In addition to tools needed for dismantling the cordless drill, such as a drill/driver, <b>two</b><b> wires</b> are needed to connect the motor wires to the drill battery. </span></span><br /><br /><span><span><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><b><a></a></b></span>Hot-Wire Test a Drill Motor</b></span></span><br /><span><span><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><b><br /></b></span></span></span><br /><p><span><span>1. Remove the drill's battery and dismantle the drill.</span></span><br /><p><span><span>2. Disconnect the wires leading from the switch to the drill motor. Sometimes this means completely removing the switch. </span></span><br /><p><br /><p><span>3. Now that the motor is isolated from the switch, <b>connect </b>one of the <b>motor </b>wires <b>to </b>one of the <b>battery </b>contacts <b>using one of the two wires</b> set aside for this test.</span><br /><p><br /><p><span><span>4. <b>Connect </b>the <b>second wire </b>to the other battery contact. </span></span><br /><p><span><span>(<b><i>Note:</i></b> It does not matter which motor wire is connected to which battery contact. The orientation is not important because it is a DC motor and will only determine which direction the motor spins.)</span></span><br /><p><span><span>5. Hold the motor firmly in one hand, and then <b>complete </b>the electrical <b>circuit </b>between the battery and the motor by connecting the second wire to the the second motor wire.</span></span><br /><p><span><span><b>If</b> the <b>motor does <i>not</i> spin</b> once the second connection is made, <b>then the drill motor</b> <b>is most likely fried</b> and needs to be replaced. </span></span><br /><p><span><span>If the motor <b><i>does </i>spin </b>after completing the electrical circuit, that's a good indication that <b>the motor is</b> a <b>healthy </b>one. If the motor tests out OK but the drill is still having trouble starting up, the problem is most <b>likely </b>caused by <b>a faulty power switch</b>, not the motor.</span></span><br /><p><br /><span><br /> </span><br /><span><span>The power switch will have to be reconnected to the drill after the motor has been tested. It is important to reinstall the switch wires correctly after performing this test. </span></span><br /><span><span>The example drill used in this article has a very simple wiring configuration in its power switch. Drawing a switch wiring diagram is especially useful for switches with complicated wiring configurations.</span></span><br /><br /><span><span>If you're testing your drill's motor, chances are that some kind of part replacement is on the horizon. </span></span><span><span></span></span>

on Nov 13, 2010 | Drills

1 Answer

How can i use my tester in installing 2 switches and 2 light?

In installation of switches and lights you can use tester by continuity or by voltage reading.In continuity reading select the tester in to ohms or diode test to check the continuity and select to AC in to voltage reading to check the voltage out.

Jul 13, 2011 | Electric Stanley Tre500 Staple Gun /...

1 Answer

The switch in my JCB cordless drill is starting to die. The rest of the drill is perfectly fine, motor etc. I have tried calling th JCB support number, however they were no help. Any ideas where I can...

Before you look for a replacement of switch try first to checked the connections of switch if it is OK,then try to cleaned the contact with it.,If you are know how to used a tester try to checked the continuity of the switch, by placing the test probe of the tester to the 2 wire of the switch then from the tester select sound continuity,(one test probe to one wire) it should hear a sound from the tester,it means the the switch is good. Hope this simple solution could help to solve your problem. Don' t forget to rate me up sir/madam.Thanks.

Jun 12, 2011 | Drills

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I have a 274V outlet w/ switch for my garbage disposal. I hooked it up and used a MICRONTA 3-prong circuit tester on the power outlet to make sure it was wired correctly and it showed that the right LED...

you are missing something
you describe 3 led lights --2 green and one unlit then you go on about a red led light
suggest that you get in an accredited electrician to check the circuit
it is possible that you are testing with the wring tester

Mar 27, 2017 | Cooper Wiring Devices 274V-BOX DECORATOR...

1 Answer

I have a 3 way fan light switch but wires don't match the colors on my hamton bay fan what wires go where i have a black wire and a brown wire and a grey wire on the switch in the hamton bay i bought...

It takes 2 testers.
699b7e0.jpg regular tester

Continuity tester has battery and light bulb.

Use regular tester to find Hot wire that feeds old-switch.
Remove old-switch from fan
Strip back wires
Separate wires so they can be tested.
Turn on power.
Test each wire to bare copper wire -or- to green wire -or- to metal part of fan
One of the fan wires will light up tester.
This is the Hot wire.
Mark Hot wire.
Mark which color wire on old-switch went to the hot wire.

Use continuity tester on old-switch.
You know which wire is hot-on-old-switch
Pull chain and test hot-on-old-switch to both of the other wires.
When tester lights up, mark this wire.
Pull chain again and test hot-on-old-switch to both of the other wires.
When tester lights up, mark this wire.
At some point when you pull the chain, the tester will light up both the other wires.
This is the high speed.

Use continuity tester on new-switch.
Repeat the test for old-switch.
Identify which wire will be the Hot wire by process of elimination.
Mark this wire.
Identify high-speed wire.
Pull chain again, and tester lights up on medium speed.
Pull chain again, and tester lights up on low speed
Identify these wires and match pattern to the old-switch

If you need more help, add a comment, and I will answer

Oct 29, 2010 | Westinghouse Electric Ceiling Fan 3-way...

1 Answer

Need a replacement, where do I get one?

If I understand correctly you have a 3-speed fan.
And you need a 3-speed replacement pull-chain-type switch

Lowes carries 3 speed fan switches in the light fixture department.
These switches have multiple wires.
At any given time, there is one-and-only-one wire that connects to power from wall switch.
Lets call this the Power wire.
As you pull the chain, the power passes through the switch and goes to one-and-only-one of the other wires.
The other wires connect to windings in the motor.
The different motor windings control fan speed.

The key to replacing the switch is recording where each wire went before you disconnect old switch.
Once you know which of these wires is the Power wire, then you can test other wires with a continuity tester.
You also know the pull-chain sequence is OFF - HIGH - Medium - Low
Mark wires in fan and mark wires on old switch.
Pull out old switch.
Use regular electrical tester to find which wire in the fan is the power wire (separate wires, turn on power and test each wire to metal part of fan)
Now test the switch wires.
The switch is out of the fan.
You marked the wires so you know which wire is power wire.
Put the continuity tester on the power wire.
Test power wire to each of the other wires.
Click the switch and test to each of the other wires. Mark which wire lights up continuity tester.
Click the switch and test again. Mark which wire lights up continuity tester.
Click again, until each wire is marked in the sequence.
When you click the switch and no wire lights up, then that is the Switch OFF position.
Do the same test on the new pull-chain switch.
Connect the wires to match your testing.

Oct 25, 2010 | Westinghouse Electric Westinghouse...

1 Answer

No power

Check the Cable between the plug and the switch for continuity using the ohmeter or continuity tester part of a cheap multimeter. Place one lead on each of the plug contacts in turn, and the other on the other end of that wire. If this is okay, check the switch for continuity by placing each lead of your tester on the in and out contacts and pressing the trigger. If still no joy, check the brushes. If still no joy, check the motor windings for continuity.

Jun 15, 2009 | Bosch HCBG500, 5 Pc Industrial Hammer...

1 Answer

The pump will not turn on, need wiring schematic

hi! well this on motor control diagnosing if this is a single phase motor you need a device for trouble shooting this circuit, beside do you have principle ideas on practical electricity maybe enough to guide you perhaps this should be done by qualified electrical instrumentation technician,there several factor to be check,as in fig as shown yuor jet pump motor location.f0a9460.gif and here are some electrical diagram as shown73285b5.gif they are just sample that we can use,since our concern is on the
motor is not working upon pressing switch.the jet pump usually has three lead wire connected to terminal boxes,if this was equipted with motor control relay and overload protection,try to reset the over load protector just press the lever this will be reset
and try to swicth on.if run its good.,if not try to isolate the checking on electrical connection circuit.using clamp ammeter w/ volt and ohm probe w/ test rod (black and red) or you have multi tester same thing.swicth off/unplug connection,disconnect capacitor check if capacitor is good set tester on resistance on high setting attached test rod on both terminals of capacitor and then take reading, this pointer of tester deflect on highest position, then reverse testing of the terminal of capacitor promply on test rod of tester as you can see the pointer of tester deflect to highest position and gradually slow pulling back to zero reading this means your capacitor is good., if the pointer of tester does not deflect on second trial stay hold on highest position your capacitor is bad or short replaced capacitor and try to run again.if run its good,if not run try another check on pressure switching,sensor such as thermostat,level sensor switch they are commonly connected on series to the motor on one line,you can check this by switch off motor,set tester on resistance on low setting say R1put one test (red) rod on one terminal of swicth and one (black)rod on other side of switch if there reading about 20 to 50 ohms this good but no dellection stay on high resistance your swicth is bad replace,same to be done in other component such as timer, pressure switch,if bad replace.Definely last check is the motor if good or checking of motor w/ three leads using tester take one lead and attach red test rod and black rod on other lead of motor check reading if canget lower resistance its good,try also other lead on one test rod,if you can read a resistance motor is good if you got low resistance in three leads.but if you gor higher resistance mostly the pointer doesnot move on tester means your motor is partially burn out,you can visually check the motor winding if burn out the winding turn on black color, lastly all wire should be check also end to end maybe there is faulty wiring same checking of resistance there should be reading if you put test rod on both end of wire,its quite easy to check using voltmeter set up but you might experienced shock if your not familiar when there is or the motor was switch on checking operating current and voltage.may this help you ..regards

Mar 28, 2009 | Home

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